Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal

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Author: Francois Mauriac
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 156
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171678815


The Living thoughts Series presents the works of some of the greatest minds the world has ever witnessed. Thinkers, philosophers and other intellectuals are all profiled along with their major works.

Eminent French scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) exhibited traits of his scientific and mathematical genius from a very young age. He laid the foundation for the modem theory of probabilities, formulated a law of pressure and propagated a religious doctrine that taught the experience of god through the heart rather than through reason.



Fragment of a Treatise on Vacuum


The Art of Persuasion

Some Letters to Mademoiselle De Roannez


Provincial letters

Thoughts on Death