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Author: Asoke Chatterjee Sastri
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 97
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812603268


This book very lucidly summarizes the significance of the enormous impact of Caitanya on the religious, social and literary life of Indians.

Caitanya (1486-1533) Vaisnava saint and mystic and the chief architect of the Gaudiya Vaisnavite movement in Eastern India is regarded as an embodiment of the spirit of Krishna and his consort Radha. Born in a conservative and decadent society, Caitanya revolted against the established values of the age. The Vaisnavite movement that started with th4e advent of the Caitanya spread al over Bengal and Eastern India and inspired people for about two centuries.

For Caitanya, the legend of Krishna and his divine consort Radha was the symbol of the highest expression of mutual love between God and the human soul. He felt Bhakti (devotion_) superseded all other forms of religious practices and conceived it as complete surrender of the Self to the Divine Will.

Although a scholar, Caitanya has not left anything for posterity in writing. However, the poetry, especially the matchless padas of Vaisnava poets, from those who witnessed the superb sight of his love ecstasy, have enriched our literature beyond measure. These pads, the greater part of which are devoted to Krishna's love for Radha, possess a deep spiritual significance.

A number of biographical works have been written by his followers, the notable among them are the Karchas (Notes) by Govinda Das, Caitanyacharitamrita by Krishna Das, Caitanya Mangal by Jayananda and Caitanya Bhagavata by Vrindavana Das.




Sources of Caitanya’s Life History

The Background of Caitanya’s Emergence

Caitanya’s Ancestry


Followers of Caitanya (Caitanya Sampradaya
Or Parikaras)

The Teachings of Caitanya

The Philosophy of Caitanya

The Theory of Love Divine (Prematattva)

The Theory of Rasa (Rasatattva)

Siksastaka (Octet of Teaching)

Caitanya’s Contribution Pronunciation Key

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