In Gandhi's Footsteps

In Gandhi's Footsteps

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Author: Rainer Horig
Publisher: Other India Press
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 122
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185569398


It has long been recognized that non-party political activists have succeeded in transforming the nature of democracy and politics in India beyond recognition. But books on NGO and activist politics- the so-called Parliament of the Streets - are truly hard to come by. The few that are available hardly reflect the enormous ferment that is convulsing different parts of India.

Rainer Horig’ book on India’s social movements-translated for the Indian reader from the original German edition- attempts to meet precisely this gap. A sympathetic outsider, Horig attempts a detailed inside view of the country’s environment agitations and uncovers their active Gandhian roots. Basing himself on extensive travels and interviews with activists like Vandana Shiva, Baba Amte, Anil Agarwal and others, he provides engaging insights into the functioning of India’s alternative politics, into what it has been able to achieve and where it has failed. In the end, though a citizen of a so-called advanced industrial economy, he finds himself increasingly critical of his own society’s means and ends, proposing instead that Germany might have more to learn from India than it thinks.


Closely associated with the Green Party and civil rights movements in his home country, German writer Rainer Horig has developed a keen interest in India’s civil society as well. His passionate reports about the Narmada dam controversy earned him a temporary visa ban from the Government of India as well as an award for development-journalism from the German Government in 1991. Subsequently he worked on a temporary assignment as an advisor to a member of the German Parliament, the “Bundestag’.

Horig has been ‘at home’ in India since 1989. He is presently settled with his Indian wife and daughter in Pune.


1.Alternative Lifestyle: Five Years as a German in India
2.Wonderland : Civilization and Technology in Ancient India
3.Economic Power: Between Autarky and the World Market
4.Cultural Synthesis: Unity through Diversity
5.Our Land, Our Life
6.Water is Might
7.Who Owns the Forest ?
8.Health For All
9.Mismanagement of Energy
10.We are the People !