Islamic Sciences - An Introduction to  Ethics, Law, Education, Economics, Politics, Sociology and Sy

Islamic Sciences - An Introduction to Ethics, Law, Education, Economics, Politics, Sociology and Sy

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Author: S Waqar Ahmed Husaini
Publisher: Goodword books
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 239
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178980436


This book is an introduction to certain Islamic "sciences" (ideology), epistemology, education, jurisprudence, ethics and law, politics, economics, philosophy and history of science, and sociology of culture and development.

These disciplines are applied in "Islamic systems planning", particularly the engineering The basic sources are the Quran which is used extensively, selected Traditions (Sunnah, Hadith) of Prophet Muhammad, the legacy of Islamic thought from the earliest to modern times, and contemporary "rational" (aqailyyah, or secularized) knowledge of the social and natural sciences and engineering.

This is a modern pioneering work on the principles and methodology of Illumination of all knowledge i.e.. The Illumination of the contemporary ideological and technological cultures, through use of the above "sources" and modern jihad (Islamic expert opinion). This illustrates the Quaranic principle of 'integration" (tawhid) exemplified by Prophet Muhammad, through use of revelation (wahy) and reason ('aql), and imitation (taqlid) and good innovation (bid'ah hasanah)



The Quranic Spirit

Islamic Jurisprudence:
revealed law and derived or substantive law

Islamic philosophy of knowledge and education:
Classification and outline of environmental engineering systems planning education

Implication of Islamic Jurisprudence for Environmental Engineering System Planning: the case of water law

Islamic State and Comparative Politics:
Implications for enviro9nmental engineering systems planning

Islamic Welfare Economics and its implications for
Environmental Engineering Systems Planning

Imitate-innovative Patterns of socio-cultural Rejuvenation:
Islamic Ideological and Technological Modernizations