Reflections on Meta-Reality - A Philosophy for the Present

Reflections on Meta-Reality - A Philosophy for the Present

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Author: Roy Bhaskar
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 286
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0761996923


In a brilliant series of studies, the originator of the influential, multi-disciplinary and international philosophy of critical realism, presents , for the first time in published form, his new philosophy of Meta-Reality.

Though based on critical realism, it goes beyond it by showing how the world of duality, alienation and global crisis in which we live depends upon and is sustained by a realm of non-duality in which our creativity, love and intelligence is spontaneously and unconditionally manifest. This realm contains the seeds of a radically different natural and social order, of balanced development and a state of affairs in which the free development and flourishing of each unique human being is the condition, as it also the consequence, of the free development and flourishing of all. In developing this vision, the philosophy of Meta-Reality confirms many aspects of the great philosophical traditions of the past, while correcting the one-sidedness and transcending their dualisms and dichotomies, representing what is valid in them in a radically new way, apt for our contemporary times of global crisis.

Among the topics discussed are critical realism and the nature of being, modernism and post-modernism, the nature of the self, the relationship between social science and self-realization, the ubiquity of transcendental phenomena in everyday life and the orientation of enlightenment towards collective human emancipation and universal self-realization.



Critical Realism: Beyond Modernism and Post-modernism

Who Am I?

Social Science and Self-realization: Non-duality and Co-presence

Meta-Reality: In and Beyond Critical Realism