Ragas in Hindustani Music - Conceptual Aspects

Ragas in Hindustani Music - Conceptual Aspects

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Author: Anupam Mahajan
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 200
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8121202698


This work elaborates on a hitherto unattempted single work on the concept of raga, particularly on the mood and expression - the twin phenomena of performing art.

Ragas, the expressional mean of Indian Music are not merely the combination of notes. There are a number of conceptual aspects and various affinities in ragas which help in establishing every raga’s character. The total atmosphere of every raga strongly determines its mood, which in turn gives the aesthetic pleasure. So far, no author has attempted a single work on the concept of raga, particularly on the two phenomena of performing art, i.e. mood and expression. The present work fills that vacuum to a considerable extent in the area of Hindustani Music. These two phenomena have been studied with most brilliance and analytical attention.

The salient feature of this book is that the author draws her conclusions after having tapped primary sources material and interviews with the stalwarts of Indian music. This volume is indeed a valuable source Of information for music lovers who may have a quest for an analytical understanding of the conceptual aspects of ragas.