Quiver - Poems and Ghazals ( Hindi & English)

Quiver - Poems and Ghazals ( Hindi & English)

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Author: Javed Akhtar
Translator: David Matthews
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 251
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788172235123


This volume is an English and Hindi translation of 'Tarkash', a highly successful book of Javed Akhtar's Urdu poems first published in 1995.

The poems contain the poet's reminiscences of his childhood, and bemoan the loss of its innocence with the passage of time. The poems are also about love ù its complications pains and even its joys. But even the simple love poems usually contain a much deeper message; it is upto the reader to explore the various levels of meaning for him or herself. There are also a number of lengthy philosophical poems where the poet asks simple questions to which the response remains a mystery


About Myself

My Courtyard, My Tree
Hamare Shouk Ki ye (Ghazal)
I Remember that room
Jungle mein ghumta hai.. (Ghazal)
Hum to Bachpan Mein.. (Ghazal)
Dil Main Mahak Rahe Hai ..(Ghazal)
Sukhi Tahni Tanha Chidiya.. (Ghazal)
The Journey of a Pawn
Mother Teresa
Before the Riot
Wo Dhal Raha Hai.. (Ghazal)
After the Riot
Khwab ke Gaon main.. (Ghazal)
Gham Hote hai Jahan.. (Ghazal)
Humse dilchasp kabhi.. (Ghazal)
A Night of Illness
Ye Tasallee Hai.. (Ghazal)
Mein Pa Saka na Kabhi.. (Ghazal)
Main Khud Bhi Sochta Hoon.. (Ghazal)
Sach ye Hai Bekar.. (Ghazal)
Shahar ke Dukandaron.. (GHAZAL)
Jism Dahakta Zulf Ghaneri.. (Ghazal)
A part
Remains of the Past
Main aur Meri Awaragi.. (Ghazal)
Sorrow for Sale
Come Now and Do not Think
Mere Dil Main.. (Ghazal)
Dard ke Phool Bhi.. (Ghazal)
Mujhko yakin hai.. (Ghazal)
Meri Zindgi Meri Manzilen.. (Ghazal)
Kin Lafzon mein.. (Ghazal)
Morning Maiden
My Prayer
Dukh ke Jungle main (Ghazal)
Bahana Dhoondte Rahte hain..(Ghazal)
Crime and Punishment
Four Short Verses