Param Vir - Our Heroes In Battle

Param Vir - Our Heroes In Battle

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Author: Ian Cardozo
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 226
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174362622


Schooled in the culture of Service before Self, soldiers of the Indian Army take their challenges head-on, turning adversity into opportunity, overcoming impossible situations with a smile. While some of their deeds of velour are rewarded, many more need to be remembered.

This is the story of men under fire, of the courageous Indian soldier inspired by his officers. While war is an extension of the politics of a nation, it ultimately falls to the lot of the soldier to face combat on the ground.

What makes these men the way they are? This book helps us understand better the Indian soldier and his degree of commitment to the Indian Army, and to the nation that he serves.


I have something to tell you and it concerns your son. Arun Khetarpal is a national hero…the youngest recipient of the Param Vir Chakra and you and I have become very close friends. But on that fateful day, at the battle of Bade Pind, we were soldiers unknown to each other, fighting for the safety and honor of our respective countries. I regret to have to tell you that your son died at my hands. Arun’s courage on the battlefield was exemplary and he moved his tank with fearless courage and daring, totally unconcerned about his own safety. Tank casualties on both sides were very heavy, till finally it was just the two of us who faced each other. We both fired simultaneously…it was destined that I was to live and that he had to die.

-Thirty years after the 1971 Indo-Pak War: Pak Brigadier confesses to Arun Khetarpal’s father. The Brigadier had shot his son.






The War in Jammu and Kashmir 1947-1948

The Sino-Indian War 1962

The Indo-Pakistan War 1965

The Indo-Pakistan War 1971

The Kargil War May-July 1999

UN Peacekeeping Operations and War at Siachen


ANNEXURE I: ParamVir Chakra

ANNEXURE II: Sardar Patel’s Letter to the Prime Minister 7 November 1950

ANNEXURE III: Miscellaneous Details About the PVC

ANNEXURE IV: Equating British and Indian Highest Awards for Gallantry in the Field

ANNEXURE V: List of PVC Awardees

ANNEXURE VI: Indian Winners of the Victoria Cross

ANNEXURE VII: The Story of Subedar Kishenbir Nagarkoti IOM


List of Commonly Used Abbreviations