Bhakti - The Religion of Love

Bhakti - The Religion of Love

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Author: B Bhattacharya
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 317
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174764372


Bhakti is a spiritual engineers handbook, to bridge this gap and assuage that insatiable inner hunger that shadows the progress of life from the embryo to the grave. This book proposes to expose that inner hunger, find out its nature and suggest a healing touch.

Religion is an empty shell without the support of a metaphysical base. Hundreds of Philosophers and ecclesiastics have gone over the ages in search of an answer to the question whether or not there is a God. This sublime hypothesis is sustained by faith and devotion.

Through the ages philosophers, metaphysicians and spiritualists have spent their lives in search of this Holy Grail Faith in a hypothetical Reality acceptably known as God. Like mankind, God has undergone many phases, subjected to many kinds of nature and many forms. We have grown accustomed to offer various kinds of approach, known as worship and, irrespective of plurality of forms, the central subject remains intact: God.

An African God is different from a Red Indian God; a Japanese God is different from a Moroccan God, and a Nigerian God is quite different from an Indo-Gangetic God. Human beings are subject to climatic changes, of features, forms, food and faith.

Yet talking of God and devotion, faith and rites, a core truth remains firm, and that is that the human society needs God more than God needs the human society. This is because man is born not only with an inner hunger and an inner quest, but also with an inner hunt for the satisfaction of that quest; and the quest is satisfied partially when man can bring himself inside out by dedicating his all to a pedestal which, according to him, is the last resort of his inquest. What he brings to this pedestal of his soul is devotion-or bhakti-the complete dedication of the individual to the universal.

This book analyses the nature of bhakti-a form of total dedication that ultimately helps sublimate and annihilate that ego in man which creates a yawning breach between selfishness and self-realization.




A: Love: What it is

B: Narada Bhakti Sutra

Bhakti as Narada Explains

The Religion of Love

The Shandilya Sutra

Summing Up

Goswami Tulsidas
(A Monument in the History of Bhakti)

Appendix: Acharya Abhinavagupta’s Exposition of Rasa and Bhaava