Twentieth Century Imperialism - Shifting Contours and Changing Conceptions

Twentieth Century Imperialism - Shifting Contours and Changing Conceptions

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Author: Rajen Harshe
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 276
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170366119


This significant book explores the creative tensions between the shifting contours of imperialism and the potential of radical social theories to conceptualize them.

Imperialism has occupied the centre stage of international politics since the turn of the century. Owing to its evolution over time and space, as also its resilience and co-optive capacities, this phenomenon has acquired complex nuances which often defy precise or clear cut definition.

Rajen Harshe studies imperialism both within and beyond the conventional parameters of capitalism. He probes various related concepts-including colonialism and neo-colonialim, sub-imperialim and proto-second tier imperialism, hegemony (in a Gramscian sense) and social imperialism-in order to assess their theoretical and empirical validity in the context of the Third World.

Among the issues discussed are the forms that imperialism assumed to perpetuate itself and the strategies adopted by the Third World countries to counter it. The links between monopoly capitalism and imperialism are traced to reveal the hierarchical structure of the phenomenon. The role played by various states-such as France, British, and South Africa-under the influence of US-led imperialism is highlighted. Arrayed against this is the author’s critical examination of the emancipatory credentials of anti-imperialist protests movements launched by the Soviet Union and the non-aligned states.

Engrossing in the critical analysis, this book will be of immense interest to students and scholars of imperialism, history, political science, international relations, economic history and political theory.




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