Upanisadbhasyam  (SANSKRIT)

Upanisadbhasyam (SANSKRIT)

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Author: Sri Madhwacarya
Publisher: Poornaprajna Samshdhana Mandiram
Year: 1997
Language: Sanskrit
Pages: 568
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Upanishads have been perennial sources of spiritual knowledge. The word Upanishad means secret and sacred knowledge. This word occurs in Upanishads themselves in more than a dozen places in this sense. The word also means Texts incorporating such knowledge. This celebrated work includes Tika of Sri Jayatirtha and the Tippani of Sri Vadirajatirtha thereon and also with the Khandartha of Sri Raghavendratirtha on the seven upanisads (Isa-Kena-Katha-Satprasna-Atharvana-Mandukya-Taittriya).