Yogas in Astrology

Yogas in Astrology

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Author: K S Charak
Publisher: UMA Publications
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 214
ISBN/UPC (if available): 819010084X


The Yogas in Astrology deals primarily with the technique of analysis & interpretation of the various astrological yogas according to the Parshari system.

The approach to analysis is based on the standard astrological principles which are so often ignored when dealing with this all-important subject.

The role of the houses where the various yogas form, the signs involved, the other planetary influences on the yoga-forming planets, the strength & weakness of the constituent planets, their status in the vargas, and the operating dasha have all been elucidated with examples.

One full chapter has been devoted to the famous, but ill-understood, Gaja-Kesari yoga as a model example of the technique of yoga interpretation, and the various factors which facilitate or obstruct the functioning of a yoga.

The Pancha-Mahapurusha yoga, the solar and the lunar yogas, and the important Dhana yogas, Raja yogas and Arishta yogas have all been treated exhaustively. The generally ignored Nabhasa yogas have been classified in a unique manner & their significance in horoscopic analysis emphasised.

One chapter is devoted to the Sanyasa yoga.

This book is profusely illustrated with examples.


Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the First Edition

I. Introduction to Astrological Yogas
II. Planets, Signs and Houses
III. The Nabhasa Yogas
IV. Planetary Conjunctions
V. The Pancha-Mahapurushas
VI. The Gaja-Kesari Yoga
VII. The Chandra Yogas
VIII. The Ravi Yoga
IX. The Variegated Yogas
X. Yogas Based on Ownership of Houses
XI. The Sanyasa Yogas
XII. The Length of Life