Learn, Think and Predict Through Astrology  -  A Text on Vedic / Hindu / Indian Astrology with Inter

Learn, Think and Predict Through Astrology - A Text on Vedic / Hindu / Indian Astrology with Inter

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Author: C P Arora
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 320
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129108210


‘Our destiny is nothing but the result of our own actions of innumerable past lives as well as the present one’.

In this simply written, well-researched book the author provides the key to unlock the secrets of the zodiac and know the future.

Learn, Think and Predict through Astrology explains how rashis (signs), grahas (planets),nakshatras (constellations) and bhavas (houses)—the basic principles of astrology—determine your destiny and the course of your future. Using these principles the book teaches you how to make your janma-kundali (birth-chart) in a simple yet interesting manner, thus telling you what the future has in store for you.

It also gives astrological solutions and remedies to improve your physical, spiritual, material and emotional well-being, thereby enabling you to live a more fulfilling and successful life.

This book is ideal for both the novice who wants to learn the principles of the science of astrology as well as the experienced astrologer who could use it for reference book.



1. The Sings (Rashis)

i. Introduction to Signs (Rashis)
ii. Ruler ship/Lordship of Signs
iii. The Basic Nature and Characteristics of Signs

2. The Houses (Ghar/Bhavas)

iv. The Birth-Chart /Horoscope (Janma-Kundali)
v. Format of the Birth-Chart
vi. Matters Judged from Houses (Bhavas)
vii. Classification of Houses
viii. Matters Judged from Houses Relative to Each Houses (Bhavat-Bhava)

3. Casting The Horoscope / Birth-Chart (Janma-Kundali)

ix. Requirements and Procedure
x. Sample Horoscope
xi. Local Mean Time or LMT of Birth
xii. Time Elapsed Since Noon
xiii. Sidereal Time or SRT
xiv. Sidereal Time at Preceding Noon
xv. Sidereal Time of Birth
xvi. Tropical (Sayana) Zodiac
xvii. Ascendent Cusp and Cusps of Houses in Sample Horoscope in Tropical / Sayana Zodiac
xviii. Precession of Equinoxes (Ayansha) and Sidereal (Nirayana) Zodiac
xix. Ascendant Cusp and Cusps of Houses in Sample Horoscope in Sidereal /Nirayana Zodiac
xx. Position of Moon and other Planets at TOB in Sample Horoscope
xxi. Navansha Chart
xxii. Other Divisional Chart

4. Planets (Grahas)

xxiii. Planets in Astrology
xxiv. Periods of Stay of Planets in Signs
xxv. Signs Planet Rule and Signs of Detriment of Planets
xxvi. Exaltation (Uchcha), Debilitation (Neecha), and Moola-Trikona Signs of Planets
xxvii. Relationship between Planets
xxviii. Natural Benefics (Shubha Grahas) and Malefics (Ashubha Grahas)
xxix. Combust (Asta) Planets
xxx. Intensity of Favourable / Unfavourable Effects of a Planet
xxxi. Direct (Margi) and Retrograde (Vakri) Planets
xxxii. Beneficence and Maleficence of Planets based on Lordships of Houses for each Lagna
xxxiii. Basic Characteristics / Nature of planets
xxxiv. Portfolios / Significations (Karakatvas) of Planets
xxxv. Planets as Karakas for Houses / Bhavas
xxxvi. Strength of Planets
xxxvii. Ideal Placement of Planets in Houses

5. Planetary Aspects (Drishti)

xxxviii. Aspects in Hindu Astrology
xxxix. Aspects in Western Astrology
xl. Comparison of Aspects in Hindu and Western Astrology
xli. Some Aspects in Western Astrology
xlii. Sun-Moon Aspects and Lunar Dates (Tithis)
xliii. Characteristics of Each Janma-tithi

6. Judging from Ascendant

xliv. Ascendant Aries / Mesh Lagna
xlv. Ascendant Taurus / Vrishabha Lagna
xlvi. Ascendant Gemini / Mithuna Lagna
xlvii. Ascendant Cancer / Karka Lagna
xlviii. Ascendant Leo / Simha Lagna
xlix. Ascendant Virgo / Kanya Lagna
l. Ascendant Libra / Tula Lagna
li. Ascendant Scorpio / Vrishchika Lagna
lii. Ascendant Sagittarius / Dhanu Lagna
liii. Ascendant Capricorn / Makara Lagna
liv. Ascendant Aquarius / Kumbha Lagna
lv. Ascendant Pisces / Meena Lagna

7. Results of Planets in Signs (Grah-Rashi-Phal)

lvi. General Principles
lvii. Sun in Different Signs
lviii. Moon in Different Signs
lix. Mars in Different Signs
lx. Mercury in Different Signs
lxi. Jupiter in Different Signs
lxii. Venus in Different Signs
lxiii. Saturn in different Signs
lxiv. Rahu and Ketu in Different Sings
lxv. Good and Bad Degrees of Planets

8. Results of Planets in Houses (Grah-Bhavashraya-Phal) and Judging each House / Bhava

lxvi. Governing Principles
lxvii. Results of Placement of Planets in Houses (Bhavashraya-Phala)
lxviii. Pars Fortuna
lxix. Placement of Lord of a House / Bhavesh in the Twelve Houses
lxx. A Study of the Trik Houses
lxxi. Judging each House / Bhava

9. Nakshatras

lxxii. Nakshatras and Sings
lxxiii. Birth Star or Janma Nakshatra
lxxiv. Matching Rashis for Marriage
lxxv. Matching Nakshatras for Marriage

10. Planetary Periods (Graha-Dashs)

lxxvi. Predicting the Events
lxxvii. Vinshottari Dashas
lxxviii. Balance of Major Period / Mahadasha at Birth
lxxix. Current Major Period / Mahadasha
lxxx. Balance of Minor Period / Antardasha Bhukti at Birth
lxxxi. Current Minor Period / Antardasha / Bhukti
lxxxii. General Principles of Prediction from Dashas
lxxxiii. Predicting Events from Dashas
lxxxiv. Dasha System in Laal-Kitaab

11. Transits of Planets (Gochar Grahas)

lxxxv. What is Transit?
lxxxvi. Favourable / Auspicious and Unfavourable Inauspicious Transit Positions
lxxxvii. General Principles on Transits

12. Yogas

lxxxviii. Maha-Purush Yogas
lxxxix. Wealth-Giving or Dhana-Yogas and Penury or Daridra Yogas
xc. Exchange of Lords or Rashi-Parivartan Yogas
xci. Kendra-Trikona-Yoga
xcii. Shubha-Kartari, Papa-Kartari, Adhi, Gaja-Kesari, Guru-Chandra, Gauri, Lakshmi and Saraswati Yogas
xciii. Yoga for Each House / Bhava
xciv. Malika-Yoga and Shoola-Yoga
xcv. Kaal-Sarpa-Yoga

13. Ashtakvarga System

xcvi. What is Ashtakvarga
xcvii. Individual Ashtakvarga Charts
xcviii. Sarvashtakavarga

14. Special Topics

xcix. Body and Temperament
c. Wealth, Income, Conveyances, Windfall Gains /Losses, Legacies
ci. Home, Happiness, Mother and Father
cii. Education, Children and Fifth House
ciii. Diagnosing Diseases
civ. Longevity, Birth Evils and Death
cv. Marriage and Spouse
cvi. Livelihood and Career Counselling
cvii. Foreign Travel / Settling Abroad
cviii. Predicting from Prashna-Kundali
cix. Auspicious Time (Shubha Muhurta)

15. Remedies

cx. Why the Suffering?
cxi. The Wisdom of Gita
cxii. The Five Delusions
cxiii. How to Alleviate Suffering (Dukha) Spiritual Remedies
cxiv. Why Astrological Remedies?
cxv. Past-Life Evil Karmas Causing Grah-Doshas and Astrological Remedies
cxvi. Gem Therapy
cxvii. Strengthening Houses / Bhavas
cxviii. Strengthening Karakattvas of a Planet and House in the Kaal Purush Kundali
cxix. Mantras, Tantras and Yantras


A: Table of House for Delhi, Latitude 28 D 40 M North
B: Good and Bad Degrees of Planets in Different Signs
C: Matching Points between Rashis and Nakshatras of Boy and Girl