My Prayers  -  (Illustrated Art  Book in color + CD)

My Prayers - (Illustrated Art Book in color + CD)

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Author: A Compilation
Painter/Illustrator/Animator: Aniket Khanolkar
Publisher: Chinmaya Mission Trust
Year: 2011
Language: multilingual
Pages: 226
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788175975200


From the book:

“Which is the need for prayer?” a man once asked Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda. To which Gurudev replied, “why do we exercise?” “To keep the body fit.” “Likewise, Prayer keeps the mind fit !” Gurudev quipped.

Prayers is the instrument that tunes our mind to the Divine. In our culture, each prayer has its role and purpose. Hence, with regular chanting and a proper understanding of the meaning of the prayer we can transform ourselves. Prayers take us to God, and Bhajans keep us there. Together they make up an unbeatable pair.

My Prayers is a Compilation of important prayers, their meanings and many bhajans allowing us to chant and sing to our heart’s content. Illustrated colorfully to captivate the mind of children. And, if that’s not enough, inside is an MP3CD with the audio rendition of the prayers and Bhajansof the book – 171 tracks (including 4 bonus tracks)

Hear and sing, learn and know but most importantly… remember to enjoy!.


Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide

Publisher’s Note
About Chinmaya Mission 1
About Chinmaya Mission 2

1. Universal Prayers
2. Invocations Dhyana Slokah
3. Prarthana Gita
4. Daily Prayers
5. Aratis
6. Chinmaya Mission Pledge
7. Sanskrit Greetings
8. Lord Ganesha (Sri Ganesa)
9. Invocation Dhyana Slokah
10. Ganesa Pancharatna
11. Bhajans
12. Divine Mother (Devi Mata)
13. Invocations Dhyana Slokan
14. Mahalaksmi Astakam Sarasvati Stotram
15. Sarada Stotram
16. Mahisasuramardini Stotram
17. Matrstavanam
18. Bhajans
19. Sri Guru
20. Invocations Dhyana Slokah
21. Guru Stotram Chinmaya Astottarashata
22. Namavalih (108 Names)
23. Sri Tapovana Satkam
24. Bhajans
25. Lord Shiva (Sri Siva)
26. Vaidika Invocations Dhyana Slokah
27. Lingastakam
28. Siva Pancaksari Stotram
29. Bhajans
30. Lord Vishnu (Sri Visnu)
31. Invocations Dhyana Slokah
32. Dasavatara Stotram
33. Bhajans
34. Lord Krishna (Sri Krsna)
35. Invocations Dhyana Slokah
36. Gita Slokah
37. Madhurastkam
38. Krsnastakam
39. Gita Dhyanam
40. Bhajans
41. Lord Rama (Sri Rama)
42. Invocations Dhyana Slokah
43. Nama Ramayanam (108 Names)
44. Rama Stotram
45. Bhajans
46. Lord Hanumana (Sri Hanumana)
47. Invocations Dhyana Slokah
48. Bhajans
49. Good Manners