Bhagavan Ramana  -  The Friend of All Creation

Bhagavan Ramana - The Friend of All Creation

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Author: Ramana Maharshi
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 288
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788182880894


The devotee who witnessed Bhagavan Ramana’s effortless and Natural Sense of equality and his treating all beings alike including animals, Birds and Plants have expressed their sense of wonder and have affirmed that they had not seen such an instance elsewhere in their lives.

In Bhagavan's days, his Ashram was like an Ancient Rishi Ashram where birds and Animals lived fearlessly and in friendship. Lakshmi, the cow, would not enter the newly built goshala on the opening day without Bhagavan entering it first; so she went to the Old Hall to fetch him. On the hills Bhagavan would arbitrate between two warring Monkey groups.

Kamala, the dog, would take a newcomer to the Ashram for Giripradakshina, when told by Bhagavan. When a sparrow's nest was disturbed, she would come, chirp and complain to Bhagavan.

Madhava the white Peacock was trained by Bhagavan to be a strict vegetarian; he stopped eating worms. Bhagavan was their Guide and Friend. He showered Grace and Compassion on them. They in turn reciprocated with a Love and faith, which the humans would envy.

There are so many incidents of Bhagavan's Relationship with animals which inspire us to respect the entire Creation of the Lord without Discrimination and to surrender totally to Sadguru Ramana Bhagavan.



Chap. I :
Life Sketch of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

Chap. II :
Bhagavan and the Animal Devotees

Chap. III :
Bhagavan's Satsang

Chap. IV :
Bhagavan's Devotees - The Cows :
1. Gomatha Lakshmi :
In Memoriam

2. The Black Cow
3. Calf-the Devotee

Chap. V :
Bhagavan's Companions - The Monkeys :
1. Monkeys' Meditation
2. The Monkeys' Gratitude
3. The "Miraculous Vibhuti"
4. The Old Monkey King's Samadhi
5. Nondipaiyan - The Lame Monkey
6. Venkitoo and Nondi
7. Nondi's Coronation
8. Etiquette of the Monkeys
9. Rivalry over Sitting on Bhagavan's Lap :
Monkeys in Sri Ramanasramam

10. Visit of the Old Monkey King
11. Perilous Journey - Blessings to the Newborn
12. Perilous Journey of Grandpa
13. Bhagavan's Empathy
14. Monkeys' One - Pointedness
15. Asylum
16. Bhagavan's Warning
17. Bhagavan's Command
18. Suffering is Mine
19. Transgressing Official Orders
20. The Empty Couch
21. What can you do about this?
22. Bhagavan's Patronage
23. Monkey - Mangoes
24. The Obedient Monkey
25. The Monkey's Work
26. Independence Day Celebrations
27. One - Consciousness
28. The Monkey and the Child
29. Bhiksha for the Monkeys
30. Kindness to Monkeys
31. Reminiscences

Chap. VI :
Bhagavan's Children - The Dogs :
1. Chinna Karuppan
2. Jack-I
3. Kamala
4. Neela
5. The Red Dog
6. Guru's Command is Upadesa
7. Advanced Souls who Came to Bhagavan :
The Canines in Sri Ramanasramam

8. Jackie-II
9. Jackie's Endurance
10. Jackie's Last Days
11. Bhagavan and the Pup
12. Speechless Appeal
13. Teaching Through Dogs
14. Dog Prefers Bhagavan's Company
15. Territorial Rights
16. Pups are Like Small Kids
17. Permission to Eat
18. Treatment for Rickets
19. Duty Bound Canine
20. The Saint who Came in the Night
21. Giver of the Boon
22. Bhagavan's Compassion
23. Bhagavan's Solicitude
24. No Complaints
25. Iddly Swami
26. Lakshmana Sharma's Dog
27. The Lame Cat

Chap. VII :
Blessed Soul - Valli the Deer

Chap. VIII :
Mongoose - The Great Souls :
1. "Mahatma" - Mongoose
2. The Golden Hued Mongoose
3. Mastan of Desur-account
4. Suri Nagamma's Account

Chap. IX :
Bhagavan and the Wild Cats (Cheetahs - Tiger - Leopards) :
1. "Poda" (Go Away)
2. Brute and Man Alike
3. Rangaswamy and the Tiger
4. Cheetah and Tiger Near Virupaksha Cave
5. Leopards Near Virupaksha Cave
6. Cheetahs near Skandasramam
7. Leopard and Veda Parayana
8. Chanting - Bhagavan's Name
9. The Abode of Cheetahs
10. The Tiger Cub
11. Experience of a Hungarian Woman
12. Baby Cheetahs

Chap. X :
1. The Elephant :
2. Bhagavan with the Temple Elephant

Chap. XI :
The Sheep :
1. Lost Sheep Found
2. Retrieved Sheep

Chap. XII :
The Favoured Ones - The Peacocks :
1. Bhagavan's First Pair of Peacocks
2. Attachment to Bhagavan
3. The Bodyguard
4. Dancing of Peacocks and Snake
5. The Peacock and the Kolam
6. Unlucky Ones
7. The White Peacock
8. Universal Brotherhood
9. Remembrance - Forgetfulness
10. The White Peacock and the Crow
11. Bhagavan and the Peacocks
12. Sveta-mayura Ashtakam

Chap. XI :
A. The Well-wisher of Birds
B. The Doves (Pigeons) :
1. A Pair of Pigeons
2. The Injured Pigeon
3. The Wounded Dove
4. The Doctor Bhagavan

C. The Sparrows :
1. Perfected Beings
2. Viswanatha Swami's Account
3. Complaint against Madhava Swami
4. Protection from Cold
5. Victory for Sparrows
6. Bhagavan's Advice
7. Can a Cracked Egg be Hatched?
8. The Bird in a Chimney (the Cause of Bondage)

D. Crows :
1. Vigil of the Crow
2. Crow and the Parrot
3. Reminiscences of Sampoornamma

Chap. XIV :
A. The Protector Snakes - Scorpions :
1. It is Cool and Soft
2. Snake at Skandasramam
3. Obedient Snake
4. Do Not Kill the Snake
5. Protector of Snakes
6. The Green Snake
7. The Snake and the Meditator

B. Snakes and Scorpions Protected :
8. Scorpions
9. Frog

Chap. XV :
Bhagavan - Compassionate Friend of Squirrels :
1. Protection
2. Punishment for the Wrong Deed
3. Anguish
4. Samadhi of Baby Squirrels
5. We Want Cashew Nuts
6. Mother to the Squirrel Babies
7. Turning Inwards
8. Are the Squirrels Dumb?
9. The Feeding of Squirrels
10. The Lucky Ones
11. Reminiscences

Chap. XVI :
A. Bhagavan and Insects :
1. Bhagavan and Hornets
2. An Insect is Rescued
3. Mosquitoes

B. Ants :
4. Kolam with Lime Powder
5. Prasad from Termites
6. Ahimsa

Chap. VII :
Abhayam Sarva Bhuthebhyaha (Security and Compassion for All Beings) :
1. Echamma's Bilva Pooja
2. Tulasi Laksharchana
3. Does it Not Pain the Coconut Tree
4. Trees Also have Pain
5. Do Not Beat the Tree
6. Let the Flowers be on the Plant
7. Do Not Touch those Seeds
8. Deliverance to a Thorny Bush

Chap. XVIII :
Bhagavan in the Kitchen

Chap. XIX :
Equal Vision (Samadarsatvam)

Chap. XX :
Ahimsa Murthy

Chap. XXI :
Bhagavan - Whom All Beings Loved


1. Walk with Bhagavan to the Lake
2. Hen and Chicks (Talk 286)
3. Caterpillar (Talk 286)
4. Moth-like Insect (Talk 616)
5. The Stray Bull (Talk 563)
6. Elephant and the Chain (Talk 326)
Drops of Nectar from Bhagavan