The Guide to India  -  A Tibetan Account by Amdo Gendum Chophel

The Guide to India - A Tibetan Account by Amdo Gendum Chophel

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Author: Toni Huber
Publisher: Library of Tibetan Works & Archives
Year: 2000
Language: Bi-Lingual
Pages: 163
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186470255


The creative and controversial Tibetan intellectual Amdo Gendun Chophel (1903-1951) composed his Guide to India during the 1930s while visiting many of the ancient sites of Indian Buddhism, which had only recently been the object of archaeological rediscovery and modern religious revival.

His work offered traditionally minded pilgrims from the remote Tibetan highlands clear instructions on the correct identification of authentic Buddhist sites, as well as a unique practical guide for using the Indian rail system. The Guide to India is one of the first works of modern Tibetan literature, and has become the most widely used manual of contemporary Tibetan pilgrimage.



I. Translator’s Introduction

1. The Author
2. The Book
3. Remarks on the Edition and Translation

II. Notes to Translator’s Introduction

III. Tibetan Text and Translation of Amdo Gendun Chophel’s A Guide book for Travel to the Holy Places of India

1. Invocation
2. The Eight Great Buddhist Pilgrimage Places 38
3. Representations and Reality
4. Bodh Gaya
5. Gaya
6. Patna
7. Odantapuri
8. Nalanda
9. Rajagrha
10. Varanasi and Sarnath
11. Dharmapala's Works at Sarnath
12. Kusinagari
13. Gorakhpur
14. Lumbini
15. Sravasti
16. Samkasya
17. Kausambi
18. Ayodhya and Agra
19. Mathura to Delhi
20. Amritsar
21. Western Himalayan Tantric Sites
22. Lahore Museum
23. Taxila
24. Sand and Ujjain
25. Buddhist Cave Temples
26. Vaisall
27. Videha and Kathmandu Valley
28. Vikramasila and Sahor
29. Chittagong
30. Kamarupa
31. Orissa
32. Dhanyakataka and Sri Parvata
33. Ceylon
34. Burma
35. Sumatra
36. Java
37. Siam
38. Cambodia and Indo-China
39. Identification and Authenticity
40. A List of Some Other Great Tantric Sites
41. Uddiyana
42. Rail Fares and Station Names
43. Conclusion
44. Colophon and Concluding Verse
45. Appendix – The Maha Bodhi Society, A Great Union of Buddhists

IV. Notes to the Translation

Appendix A – Tibetan Versions of the Guide to India
Appendix B – Index of Inscriptions on Gendun Chophel’s Maps in the Guide to India

List of Illustrations
1. Gendum Chophel's drawing of Buddha's bathing Pool and the stone pillar at Bodh Gaya
2. Site Plan of Kausambi by Gendun Chophel
3. Seketch of Rajagrha from the guide to India
4. Map of India and Surrounding countries from the Guide to India
5. Gendun Chophel;s map of Ceylon
6. Tibetan Pilgrimage map of the Indian rail system from the Guide to India
7. 1952 Tibetan pilgrimage map of India adapted from the Guide to India, and sold at the Tibetan temple in Bodh Gaya