Meditation  -  The Only Way

Meditation - The Only Way

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Hind Pocket Books
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 284
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788176211833


In this fascinating collection of talks, Osho indicates how many of the difficulties facing modern humanity can be traced to a simple fact: we don't know who we are. Rather than asking people to change the world, he asks us to first change ourselves.

Once we recognize the individuality that we came into this World with, a Golden future-one in which every human being can live joyously, according to his own nature-becomes available to each and every one of us. Responding to a wide variety of questions Osho offers straightforward answers and Solutions to current problems that are both insightful and practical.

The man who is himself, unburdened of the past, discontinuous with the past, original, strong as a lion and innocent as a child... he can reach to the stars, or even beyond the stars; his future is golden. Up to now people have always been talking about the golden past. My people have to learn the Language of the golden future.



Chap. I : The Language of The Golden Future
Chap. II : Peaks Beyond Peaks Unending
Chap. III : Untry and Untry Again
Chap. IV : Patience is the Way of Existence
Chap. V : Just a Little Knack of Losing Yourself
Chap. VI : Loneliness is Aloneness Misunderstood
Chap. VII : Love : The Purest Power
Chap. VIII : You Have Forgotten the Way Home
Chap. IX : I Want you to Become the Dance
Chap. X : Life is Not Short, Life is Eternal
Chap. XI : The Sacred Makes you Speechless
Chap. XII : That Beyondness is You
Chap. XIII : Nothing Goes Right Without Meditation
Chap. XIV : The Love that Never Ends
Chap. XV : Most People Return Unopened
Chap. XVI : Life is an Eternal Incarnation
Chap. XVII : Gorbachev : A New Beginning
Chap. XVIII : Existence is Taking Care
Chap. XIX : The Sunlit Peaks of Sacredness
Chap. XX : The Second Russian Revolution