Timeless Music from Pakistan  -  Vol. 2 (Music CD)

Timeless Music from Pakistan - Vol. 2 (Music CD)

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Author: Ustad Salamat Ali Khan
Ustad Fateh Ali Khan/Roshanara Begum
Contributor(s)/Artiste(s): Ustad Umrao Bundu Khan/Ustad Ghulam Hassan Shagan
Publisher: Music Today
Year: 09/2010
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): A - 10012


This series presents unsurpassed legends of Classical and Semi Classical music who mastered the art through their exceptional vocal abilities. It is an attempt to celebrate the glorious journey of some such legends including - Roshanara Begum, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Umrao Bundu Khan, Ustad Ghulam Hassan Shagan Khan and Ustad Amanat Ali Khan. These artistes have made a monumental contribution in popularizing Classical music, making way for all future generations to tread the path of artistic brilliance and honour.

This CD Presents Ustad Salamat Ali Khan’s Memorable Renditions.

This album carries following tracks:

1. Raga Bhairav
2. Raga Gunkali
3. Raga Darbari
4. Raga Abhogi Kanrha
5. Raga Miyan Ki Todi