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India Cookery

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Author: Balbir Singh
Publisher: Variety
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 256
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0-7135-2050-7


A long established favourite, this book offers a wide range of recipes-curries, kebabs, rice, breads, sweets, savouries, ices, sharbats and squashes, pickles, chutney and other preserves, with a generous proportion of vegetarian dishes.

As well as Indian and Pakistani recipes there are some Chinese ones which have become popular and even traditional in India.


1. General Requirements :
i. Utensils
ii. Weights and Measures
iii. Fire
iv. Approximate Equivalent Avoirdupois, Metric and Indian Weights and Volume

2. Indian Culinary Methods :
i. Fats Used for Cooking
ii. Powders Used in Cooking
iii. Garam Masala (Curry Powder)
iv. Madras Rasam or Sambhar Powder
v. Commercial Curry Powders
vi. Dahi or Curd (Yoghurt)
vii. Chenna or Panir
viii. Khoa (Dried Fresh whole Milk)
ix. Khoa, Granulated (Danedar)
x. Gravy
xi. Dum (Cooking in Steam)
xii. Pressure Cookery

3. Ingredients for Indian Cookery :
Culinary Terms (Listed in Alphabetical Order)

1. Roghan Josh (Mutton Curry)
2. Kashmiri Roghan Josh (Mutton Curry)
3. Doh Peeazah Meat Curry (Mutton Curry)
4. Don Peeazah Nargisi Meat (Mutton Curry with Spinach and Eggs)
5. Shahi Korma (Mutton Curry)

A. Koftas (Minced Meat Balls) :
1. Koftas (Rishta) (Minced Meat Ball Curry) (Dry)
2. Malai Kofta Curry (Minced Meat Balls Cooked in Cream)
3. Nargisi Kofta (Egg Coated with Minced Meat and Fried)

B. Chicken Dishes :
1. Tandoori Murgha (Tandoori Chicken) Recipe No. 1
2. Tandoori Murgha (Tandoori Chicken) Recipe No. 2
3. Makhani Murgh (Tandoori Chicken Cooked in Butter and Tomato Sauce)
4. Murgh Musallam (Whole Chicken Curry) (Dry)
5. Chilli Chicken (Diced Chicken with Capsicum)

C. Kababs (Croquettes and Roasted Meats) :
1. Seekh Kabab (Minced Meat Roasted on Skewers)
2. Shammi Kabab (Mutton Cutlet)
3. Pasinda (Parcha) Kabab (Meat Roasted on Skewers)
4. Badam Pasinda Curry (Almond Kabab Curry)
5. Hussaini Seekh Kabab Curry
6. Malai Kabab
7. Moglai Hoosaini Kabab
8. Alu Keema Tikki (Potato Meat Puff)
9. Kamargah (Mutton Chop)

D. Pork Delicacies :
1. Sweet and Sour Pork
2. Pork Vindaloo Curry (Sour and Hot Pork Curry)
3. Ginger Pork and Pineapple

E. Fish Preparations :
1. Tali Machchi (Fried Fish)
2. Tandoori Machchi (Fish Baked in a Clay Oven)
3. Khat Mithi Machchi (Sweet and Sour Fish)
4. Tomato Fish
5. Stuffed Fried Pomfret

1. General Information about the Technique for Cooking Rice
2. Chawal (Plain Boiled Rice)
3. Chawal Pullao (Plain Pullao)
4. Matar Pullao (Peas Pullao)
5. Gobi Pullao (Cauliflower Pullao)
6. Kathal Pullao (Jack Fruit Pullao)
7. Panir and Matar Pullao (Peas and Indian Cream Cheese Pullao)
8. Navrattan Pullao (Multicoloured Rice Pullao with Panir (Indian Cream Cheese, Tomatoes, Peas and Nuts)
9. Panir Channa Biryani (Indian Cream Cheese, Green Grams or Peas and Triple Coloured Rice Pullao)
10. Vegetable Fried Rice
11. Yakhni Pullao (Mutton Pullao)
12. Korma Pullao (Mutton Pullao)
13. Shahjehani Pullao (Rice Pullao for the Emperor)
14. Young Chow Fried Rice
15. Machchi Matar Pullao (Prawn and Peas Pullao)
16. Fried Crisp Noodles

1. Vegetable Curries :
i. Dum Alu (Fried Potato Curry) Recipe No. 1
ii. Dum Alu (Fried Potato Curry) Recipe No. 2

2. Bhujia :
i. Alu Tamatar Peeaz Tarkari (Potato, Tomato and Onion)
ii. Baigan Simla-Mirch Tamatar Tarkari (Fresh Ginger, Capsicum and Tomato)
iii. Baingan Simla-Mirch Tarkari (Brinjal and Capsicum Bhujia)
iii. Baingan Tamatar (Tomato and Brinjal Curry) (Dry)

3. Stuffed and Fried Vegetables :
i. Karela Masalewala (Bitter-gourd, Stuffed and Fried)
ii. Baingan Masalewala (Stuffed Brinjal)
iii. Stuffed Tomatoes (Recipe No. 1)
iv. Stuffed Tomatoes (Recipe No. 2)
v. Stuffed Cabbage

4. Koftas (Vegetable Balls) :
i. Palak Kofta (Spinach Ball Curry)
ii. Kathal Kofta (Jack Fruit Ball Curry)
iii. Kela Kofta (Green Banana Ball Curry)
iv. Kanwal Kakri Kofta (Lotus Root Ball Curry)
v. Ghia Kofta (Marrow Ball Curry)
vi. Khati Mithi Gobi (Sweet and Sour Cabbage)
vii. Khoa Matar (Dried Fresh Whole Milk and Peas Curry) (Dry)
viii. Eggs and Peas with Wweet and Sour Sauce
ix. Sabzi Tikki (Vegetable Cutlet)
x. Gobi Musallam (Whole Cauliflower)

5. Rolls of Leafy Vegetables :
i. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Recipe No. 1)
ii. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Recipe No. 2)
iii. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Recipe No. 3)
iv. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Recipe No. 4)
v. Sindhi Besan Curry (Split Pea Flour Curry)
vi. Dam Arbi (Yam Curry-dry)

6. Pulses or Lentils :
i. Urhad or Maanh Sabat (Whole Black Beans)
ii. Moong Sabat (Whole Green Beans)
iii. Kabli Channas (Whole Bengal Beans)

1. Khat Mitha Panir (Sweet and Sour Indian Cream Cheese)
2. Panir Kofta (Indian Cream Cheese Ball Curry)
3. Dehin or Chach Kofta (Yoghurt (Curd) or Strained Buttermilk Kofta Curry
4. Panir Tikki (Indian Cream Cheese Cutlet)
5. Panir Matar Bhujia (Indian Cream Cheese and Pea Curry) (Dry)
6. Methi Chaman (Panir (Indian Cream Cheese), Spinach and Fresh Fenugreek Leaves Curry (Dry)
7. Dehin Tikki (Yoghurt (Curd) Cutlet)

1. Chapati or Phulka (Indian Wholemeal Bread)
2. Parautha (Shallow Fried Wholemeal Bread)
3. Parautha Aluwala (Parautha Stuffed with Mashed Potato)
4. Puri (Indian Deep Fried Bread)
5. Bhatura (Plain Flour Leavened Deep Fried Bread)
6. Khamiri Puri (Leavened Deep Fried Bread)
7. Roghni Nan (Leavened Baked Bread of Punjab)
8. Sheer Mal (Plain Flour Baked Bread)
9. Dosa (Shallow Fried Pancake of Ground Rice and Split Black Beans)
10. Katluma (Deep Fried Flaky Bread)
11. Werki Parautha (Shallow Fried Flaky Bread)

1. Burfi (Dried Fresh Whole Milk or Khoa Toffee)
2. Burfi Badam Pista (Dried Fresh Whole Milk, Almonds and Pistachio Nut Toffee)
3. Burfi Chocolate (Dried Fresh Whole Milk Chocolate Toffee)
4. Burfi Magaz (Magaz Launge) Dried Fresh Whole Milk, Almond, Pistachio Nut and Kernels of Melon Seeds Toffee
5. Burfi Gajjar (Dried Fresh Whole Milk Carrot Toffee)
6. Burfi Petha (Dried Fresh Whole Milk and Shredded White Pumpkin Pulp Toffee)
7. Burfi Coconut (Dried Fresh Whole Milk and Coconut Toffee) Recipe No. 1
8. Burfi Coconut (Dried Fresh Whole Milk and Coconut Toffee) Recipe No. 2
9. Burfi Pista (Pistachio Nut Toffee) Recipe No. 1
10. Burfi Pista (Pistachio Nut Toffee) (Recipe No. 2)
11. Khoa Cake
12. Rasgulla (Indian Cream Cheese Balls in Syrup)
13. Ras Malai (Indian Cream Cheese Balls in Double Cream)
14. Chenna Murki (Indian Cream Cheese Cubes Cooked in Thickened Sugar Syrup)
15. Gulab Jaman (Indian Cream Cheese and Khoa Ball in Syrup)
16. Gajjar Halwa (Grated Carrot Pudding)
17. Sewian Zarda (Vermicelli Pudding)
18. Sewian Kheer
19. Balu Shahi (Eggless and Sugar-coated Doughnuts)
20. Shahi Tukri (Toast for Kings)
21. Gajjac (Dried Nuts and Melon Seeds Toffee)
22. Karachi Halwa (Cornflour Sweet)
23. Petha Sweets (White Pumpkin Sweet)
24. Halwa Suji (Semolina Halwa)
25. Phirni (Blancmange)
26. Halwa Kaddu or Sita-Phal Halwa (Yellow Pumpkin Sweet)
27. Khatai
28. Kheer (Rice Pudding)
29. Rabri (Dried Fresh Milk Sweet)
30. Zarda Pullao (Sweet Rice Pullao)
31. Bundi

1. Kulfi
2. Phaluda (Cornflour Vermicelli)
3. Syrup for the Phaluda
4. Pista Ice-cream (Pistachio Ice-cream)
5. Kela Ice-cream (Banana Ice-cream)
6. Lime or Lemon Ice-cream
7. Caramel Ice-cream

1. Pakoras (Plain Savoury Fritters)
2. Panir Pakoras (Indian Cream Cheese Fritters)
3. Matar Alu Samosa (Pastry Stuffed with Peas and Potatoes)
4. Keema Samosa (Pastry Stuffed with Mince)
5. Satpura Samosa (Stuffed Flaky Pastry Like Sausage Rolls)
6. Khatta Kabali Channas (Whole Bengal Dried Peas) (Sour)
7. Sambar (Hot Lentil Soup)
8. Gol Gappas (Hollow and Translucent Wafers of Flour)
9. Yoghurt (Curd) for the Pakauries
10. Sonth (Sweet and Sour Dried Mango and Ginger Sauce)
11. Papries (Crisp, Salted and Fried Discs of Flour)
12. Pakauries
13. Zeera Pani (Tamarind and Cumin Seeds Appetiser)
14. Gol Gappas (Hollow and Translucent Wafers of Flour)
15. Note on Poppadums

1. Mango Squash
2. Orange Squash
3. Lime or Lemon Squash
4. Lichi Squash
5. Phalsa Squash (Blackberry Squash)
6. Pineapple Squash
7. Sharbat Badam (Almond Sharbat)
8. Sharbat Sandal (Sandalwood Sharbat)
9. Sharbat Gulab (Rose Sharbat)
10. Sharbat Love-O
11. Sharbat Khas

1. Nimboo ka Achar (Lime Pickle)
2. Navrattan Achar (Mango, Gooseberry and Onion Pickle)
3. Navrattan Chutney (Spicy Mango Chutney)
4. Podina Dhania Ki Chutney (Mint and Coriander Chutney)
5. Alu Bukhara Chutney (Dried Plum Chutney)
6. Tomato Chutney
7. Dosai Chutney (Yoghurt or Curd Chutney)

1. Am Ka Murabba (Green Mango Preserve) Recipe No. 1
2. Am Ka Murabba (Green Mango Preserve) Recipe No. 2
3. Gajjar Ka Murabba (Carrot Preserve) Recipe No. 1
4. Gajjar Ka Murabba (Carrot Preserve) Recipe No. 2
5. Am Ka Luccha (Green Mango Shred Preserve) Recipe No. 1
6. Am Ka Luccha (Green Mango Shred Preserve) Recipe No. 2
7. Mango Jam-Recipe No. 1
8. Mango Jam-Recipe No. 2
9. Raspberry or Gooseberry Jam
10. Mango Marmalade-Recipe No. 1
11. Mango Marmalade-Recipe No. 2
12. Jaman Jelly (Blackberry Jelly)
13. Guava Jelly
14. Karonda Jelly (Gooseberry Jelly)
15. Mango Jelly

1. Mutton Dishes :
i. Seekh Kabab Curry
ii. Bohri Samosas
iii. Keema Matar (Minced Meat with Peas)
iv. Shahi Korma (Mutton Curry-Mughal Style)
v. Dry Masala Chops
vi. Mughlai Roghan Josh (Mutton Curry)
vii. Shahi Nargasi Curry (Mutton Spinach Curry)
viii. Dum Goshat (Mutton Casserole)
ix. Nargasi Pasinda Curry (Mutton Steak Curry)
x. Masala Leg (Mutton Roast with Curds)
xi. Mutton Korma (Mutton Curry)
xii. Channa and Minced Meat Curry (Whole Bengal Dried Peas/Beans and Minced Meat Curry
xiii. Palak Salan or Palak Gosht (Spinach and Meat Curry)
xiv. Pasinda Pasande (Delightful Steak Curry)
xv. Magz Curry (Brain Curry)

2. Chicken Dishes :
i. Chicken Pakoras (Fritters)
ii. Shahi Chicken Korma
iii. Chicken Korma
iv. Shahi Chicken Masala (Chicken Cooked with Spices-Mughal Style)
v. Shahi Murgha Mussulm (Whole Chicken Curry) (Dry)

3. Koftas (Minced Meat Balls) :
i. Koftas Zafrani (Saffron Minceball Curry)
ii. Stuffed Kofta Curry (Egg and Minceball Curry)
iii. Shahi Kofta Curry (Minced Meatball Curry)
iv. Shahi Stuffed Kofta Curry (Minced Meatball Curry-Mughal Style)

4. Kababs :
i. Mutton Pullao Kababs
ii. Chicken or Liver Shashliks
iii. Cauliflower Kababs
iv. Cocktail Kababs
v. Kaleji Kababs (Liver Kababs)
vi. Kathi Kababs (Mutton on Skewers)
vii. Boti Kababs (Mutton on Skewers)
viii. Sago Vadas (Sago Kababs)

5. Fish Dishes :
i. Masala Fish (Fish Curry)
ii. Fish Korma

6. Indian Rice Cookery :
i. Biryani-Persian-style
ii. Biryani (Rich Rice Pullao) (Rice Pullao for the Mughal Emperors)
iii. Cauliflower Pullao
iv. Moti Pullao

Indian Vegetarian Cookery :
1. Vegetable Curries :
i. Channa Curry (Whole Bengal Dried Beans Curry)
ii. Ghia Koftas (Marrow Ball Curry)
iii. Kaju Korma (Cashew Nuts Curry)

2. Stuffed and Fried Vegetables :
i. Baingan Bhartha (Mashed Roasted Brinjals) (Aubergines)
ii. Bhindi Masalewali (Okras Stuffed with Cottage Cheese)
iii. Dum Gobi (Baked Cauliflower)

3. Pulses or Lentils :
i. Dehin Ladoos or Pakauries (Ground Split Green Beans)
ii. Urhad Sabut (Whole Black Beans)
iii. Dalurhand Shahi (Split Black Beans)
iv. Dry Khatta Channas (Whole Bengal Dried Beans) (Sour)

4. Indian Cream Cheese :
i. Panir Doh Pyaza (Indian Cream Cheese and Onion Curry)