The Oxford India Anthology of Modern Urdu Literature  -  Fiction

The Oxford India Anthology of Modern Urdu Literature - Fiction

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Author: Mehr Afshan Farooqi
Several Contributors/
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Mehr Afshan Farooqi
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 384
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780198069164


The Anthology of Modern Urdu Literature spans a period of almost one and a half century and includes the writings of some of the most representative figures in modern Urdu literature.

Apart from offering a judicious selection of a vast number of writer’s, the anthology encompasses various genres like poetry, novel, and drama, as well as short stories, essays and sketches, letters, anecdotes, humour and satire. The first volume consists of poetry and prose miscellany, while fiction - short stories and excerpts from novels - makes up the second volume.

The "Fiction" volume includes both short stories and extracts from novels and novellas. Beginning with Muhammad Hadi Ruswa (1857-1931), it moves on to Premchand, Ghulam Abbas, Krishan Chander, Rajinder Singh Bedi, Intizar Husain, Qurratulain Hyder, Abdullah Hussein, Naiyer Masud, among others, and finally, Syed Muhammad Ashraf (b. 1957).

While the focus of selection is on literary excellence, translatability, and relevance, an effort has been made to avoid writings easily available in translation and to include one piece per author. Moreover, the continuation between pre- and post-Partition Urdu includes authors from both India and Pakistan, thus providing a holistic picture of modern Urdu literature.

The Introduction, providing an overview of the development of Urdu literature and placing the writings in their proper historical context, is accompanied by a chronological listing of works, biographical head-notes to the writings, glossary, and bibliography to help readers enjoy and understand the rich diversity of Urdu literature.

One of the most representative collections of Urdu writing in recent times, The Oxford India Anthology of Modern Urdu Literature is a literary and cultural guide to the Subcontinent. It will appeal equally to general readers, as well as students and scholars of South Asian literature, especially Urdu literature in translation.

Special Features:

100 years of Urdu literature: mid-19th to late 20th centuries.
Writings of acclaimed figures in modern Urdu literature.
Includes short stories and extracts from novels and novellas.
Authors from both India and Pakistan represented.


Mirza Muhammad Hadi Rusva: 'The Gentleman' (excerpt from the novel Sharifzadah)
Rashidul Khairi: 'Bride of the Whirlpool'
Premchand: 'Nirmala' (excerpt from the novel Nirmala)
Pandit Badrinath Sudarshan: 'Raunaqi, the Devoted One'
Hijab Imtiaz Ali: 'And He Had an Accident'
Rashid Jahan: 'A Visit to Delhi'
Ghulam Abbas: 'The Clerk'
Ahmed Ali: 'Our Lane'
Krishan Chander: 'Irani Pilau'
Aziz Ahmad: 'The Shore and the Wave' (excerpt from the novella Aisi Bulandi, Aisi Pasti)
Rajinder Singh Bedi: 'The Eclipse'
Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi: 'Sultan'
Muhammad Hasan Askari: 'The Bitch'
Balwant Singh: 'Alleyways'
Intizar Husain: 'A Chronicle of the Peacocks'
Zamiruddin Ahmad: 'The East Wind'
Qurratulain Hyder: 'Sita Betrayed' (excerpt from the novella Sita Haran)
Khadija Mastoor: 'Inner Courtyard' (excerpt from the novel Angan)
Bano Qudsiya: 'Within the Circle of a Wave'
Ghiyas Ahmad Gaddi: 'Sunrise'
Hajira Masroor: 'The Monkey's Sore'
Surendra Parkash: 'Scarecrow'
Abdullah Hussein: 'The Tale of the Old Fisherman' (excerpt from the novel Udas Naslein)
Asad Muhammad Khan: 'Harvest of Anger'
Iqbal Majeed: 'Two Men, Slightly Wet'
Jeelani Bano: 'Some Other Man's Home'
Enver Sajjad: 'Scorpion, Cave, Pattern'
Balraj Mainra: 'Composition One'
Shamsur Rahman Faruqi: 'An Incident in Lahore'
Naiyer Masud: 'The Weathervane'
Khalida Husain: 'Adam's Progeny'
Muhammad Mansha Yad: 'The Show'
Salam Bin Razak: 'Ekalavya-The Bheel Boy'
Syed Muhammad Ashraf: 'The Man'
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