Cardiology in Ayurveda

Cardiology in Ayurveda

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Author: V B Athavale
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 178
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170841356


Heart is the pump of life. Heart muscle is the strongest muscle in the body. Heart has to work continuously throughout the life.

The recent advances in the treatment of heart diseases are phenomenal. The diseased heart can now be replaced by the heart of a dead person removed immediately after accidental death. The patients with heart attack can now be saved and given a new life by coronary by-pass operation or angioplasty. With such spectacular progress in modern medicine one wonders as to what can Avurveda offer?

Ayurveda has described practically all the diseases mentioned in modern medicine. Only the nomenclature and classification is different.

The effects of various environmental stresses, wrong diet habits and activities in the causation of heart disease are well described in Ayurveda,

Ayurveda has many things to offer for prevention of heart disease. It has described rasayana treatment, i.e. heart tonics, which tone up the heart and increase its efficiency. The concept of diet in various heart diseases in exemplary.

This book gives an Ayurvedic approach and understanding of heart diseases and methods to prevent and treat the various heart conditions.





1. Milestones of Cardiology

2. Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart

3. Basic Tissues and the Heart

4. Doshas and Heart

5. Classification of Heart Diseases

6. Aetiopathogenesis of Heart Diseases

7. Suppression of Natural Urges

8. Taste and Heart

9. Improper Panchakarma

10. Clinical Manifestations of Heart Diseases

11. Treatment of Doshaja Heart Diseases

A: Vataja Heart Diseases

(I) Recipes Useful in Cardiac Pain

(II) Recipes Useful in Cardiac Asthma

(III) Tonics for Vataja Heart Diseases

(IV) Diet in Vataja Heart Diseases

B: Pittaja Heart Diseases

(I) Recipes Useful in Hrud-Daha

C: Kaphaja Heart Diseases

(I) Tonics in Kaphaja Heart Diseases

D: Tridoshaja Heart Diseases

E: Vata Pittaja Heart Diseases

F: Vata Kaphaja Heart Diseases

G: Krumija Heart Diseases

12. Congenital Heart Disease

13. Angina Pectoris

14. Coronary Thrombosis

15. Cardiac Injury

16. Cardiac Arrythmias

17. Inflammatory Diseases of the Heart (I)

A: Pathogenesis and Prognosis

B: Recipes Useful in Bacterial Endocarditis

C: Recipes Useful in Myocarditis

D: Recipes Useful in Toxic Mycarditis

(I) Diet Useful in Myocarditis (Acute Phase)

(II) Diet Useful in Myocarditis Following Acute Phase

18. Inflammatory Diseases of the Heart (II)

A: Pericarditis

B: Pericardial Effusion

C: Heart Abscess or Mediatinal Abscess

(I) Diet in Heart Diseases Associated With Fever

19. Endocardial Fibroclastosis

20. Metabolic Disorders Affecting Heart

21. Rheumatic Heart Diseases

A: Ama and Its Characteristics

B: Principles of Treatment of Amavata

C: Medicines in Amavata

D: Diet in Amavata

22. Ventricular of Aortic Aneurysm

23. Cardiac Tumours

24. Hypertension

A: Diseases of Blood Vessels

(I) Dhamani Pratichaya

(II) Siragraha

(III) Siragatavata

B: Pathogenesis of Hypertension

C: Treatment of Hypertension

(I) Treatment of Rasavruddhi and Raktavruddhi

(II) Treatment of Pittavruddhi

(III) Treatment of Kaphavruddhi

(IV) Treatment of Vatavruddhi

(V) General Treatment

(VI) Recipes Likely To Be Useful in Malignant Hypertension

(VII) Recipes Likely To Be Useful in Malignant Hypertension Hypertensive Encephalopathy

25. Atherosclerosis

A: Diet in Atherosclerosis

26. Catch in the Heart

27. Heart Failure

A: Diet in Left Sided Cardiac Failure

B: Diet in Congestive Cardiac Failure

28. Guide to Symptomatic Treatment

29. Prognosis

30. Panchakarma

31. Medicines Acting On Heart

32. Time of Administration of Medicines

33. Diet in Heart Diseases

34. Daily Regimen for a Heart Patient