Healthy Heart Cookbook  -  Low Fat  Low Cholesterol Recipes

Healthy Heart Cookbook - Low Fat Low Cholesterol Recipes

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Author: Tarla Dalal
Publisher: Sanjay & Company
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 135
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978816469828


A healthy heart is a result of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating, moderate exercise and a stress free environment are the ideal way to our health in optimum condition.

Healthy Heart Cookbook is the 11th title in the Total Health Series, after many successful best sellers like Cooking with 1 Teaspoon of Oil, Delicious Diabetic Recipes and Pregnancy Cookbook among others. Consisting of 78 appetizing recipes from different world cuisines, all the recipes have been tested and tasted using minimal amounts of oil and are innovative, yet simple and easy to cook and will leave you feeling full and satisfied...and not like you're on a deprivation diet.

Each recipe has been planned under the guidance of an eminent Cardiologist, Dr. Dhanashri Chonkar and analyzed by a team of qualified nutritionists to ensure that all the recipes no only please your palate but also maintain your cholesterol levels.

Also included are Healthy Heart Menus with their caloric, fat and fibre count to help plan your meals.

If you were one of those people who thought “nutritious” and “delicious” diet couldn’t mix, you’re in for a happy surprise! Because that’s just what this book is all about…a tasty, healthy, simple recipe that you and your family will love.


Recipe Index
How Our Heart Functions
Causes of Heart Diseases
Facts about Fat
Eating Smart for a Healthy Heart
Are all Beverages Healthy for Your Heart?
Fortify your Diet with Fibre
Surrender the Sugar and Salt Habit
Cooking Healthy at Home
Eating out Sensibly
Energize with Exercise
Abbreviations and Standard Measures

Whole Wheat Salad Wrap
Sprouted Moong and Methi Chilas
Spicy Oat Pancakes
Waldorf open Sandwich
Carrot Coriander Juice
Tomato Apple Juice
Golden Glory Frappe
Watermelon and Mint Drink

Garlic Vegetable Soup
Green Peas and Mint Soup
Makai Shorba
Miso Soup
Carrot and Lentil Soup
Bean and Tomato Soup
Cauliflower Soup
Spinach Soup with Garlic

Oriental Soya Babycorn Stir-Fry
Chick Pea and Soya Tikkis
Crunchy Soyabean Snack
Crunchy Cumin Seed Crackers
Soya Sesame Khakhra
Oat and Raisin Biscuits
Mini Pizzetas
Soya Bhel

Carrot Garlic Chutney
Garlic Tomato Salsa
Parsley Yoghurt Dip
Herbed Hummus
Chunky Vegetable Spread
Coriander Garlic Chutney
High Fibre Chutney

Three Bean Salad
Carrot and Mint Salad
Bulgur WheatSalad
Bulgur Wheat Salad
Lauki Phudina Raita
Cabbage, Carrot and Babycorn Stir-Fry
Pear Salad
Italian Style Tossed Salad

Soya Vegetable Korma
Lauki Kofta Curry
Paneer Lababdar
Palak Kadhi
Chana Palak
Pyazwali Bhindi
Cavarfali with Bajra Dhokli

Panch Ratan Dal
Dhabey ki Dal
Chana Dal with Cucumber
Palak Masoor Dal
Methiwali Dal

Oat and Spring Onion Paratha
Lachha Soya Paratha
Stuffed Soya Paratha
Pyaz ki Roti
Bajra aur Kaddu ki Roti

Tava Sprouts Pulao
Whole Wheat and Vegetable Khichdi
Cabbage Pulao
Chick Pea and Mint Rice

Baked Vegetable Roll Up
Penne with Spinach in low Fat Cheese Sauce
Full of ibre Pasta
Paneer Shavarma Wrap
Oatmeal and Spinach Crepes
Whole Wheat Tagliatelle with Spinach Dumplings

Custard Fruit Tart
Lauki ki Kheer
Baked Cottaage Cheese Pie
Data and Walnut Footballs
Apricot Stew with Vanilla Stew
Soya Date Cookies
Soya Nankhatai
Bulgur Wheat Kheer
Fig and Cardamom Delight

Law Fat Milk
Low Fat Curds
Low Fat Paneer
Low Fat Cheese Sauce

Healthy Heart Menus