Old Deccan Days or Hindoo Fairy Legends

Old Deccan Days or Hindoo Fairy Legends

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Author: Mary Frere
Foreword/Introduction: Kirin Narayan
Publisher: Shubhi Publicatgions/Variety
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 259
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8182900697


Collectors in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries unearthed a wealth of stories from around the world and published them in English translation for the delight of general readers, young and old. Most of these anthologies have been long out of print.

The ABC-CLIO Classic Folk and Fairy Tales series brings back to life these key anthologies of traditional tales from the golden age of folklore discovery. Each volume provides a freshly typeset but other wise virtually unaltered edition of a classic work and each is enhanced by an authoritative introduction by a top scholar. These insightful essays discuss the significance of the collection and its original collector; the original collector’s methodology and translation practices; and the original period context according to region or genre.

Certain to be of interest to folklorists, these classic collections are also meant to serve as sources for storytellers and for sheer reading pleasure, reviving as they do hundreds of folk stories, both reassuringly familiar and excitingly strange.


Introduction: Situating old Deccan Days
Old Deccan Days