Modern English Grammar in Tibetan

Modern English Grammar in Tibetan

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Author: T G Dhongthog Rinpoche
Publisher: Paljor Publications
Year: 2008
Language: multilingual
Pages: 171
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186320432


This grammar book is the light of knowledge for Tibetan speaking learners of English. First published in 1964, the book has been thoroughly revised by the author, and is a highly rated text.



I.The Sentence
II.The Noun
III.Nouns Number
IV.Nouns Gender
V.Nouns Case
VI.The Verb
VII.Strong & Weak Verbs
VIII.Number & Persons
IX.Auxiliary Verb
XI.Active & Passive Voice
XIII.The Adjective
XV.Comparison of Adjectives
XVI.The Adverb
XVII.Comparison of Adverbs
XVIII.The Pronoun
XIX.The Preposition
XX.Correct Use of Preposition
XXI.The Conjunction
XXII.The Interjection
XXIII.Syntax of Words
XXIV.The Same word used as different parts of Speech
XXV.The Gerund & verbal Noun
XXVI.The Participle
XXVII.The Phrase & Clause
XXVIII.Direst & Indirect Speech
XXIX.Signs of Statement