In Days of Great Peace  -  The Highest Yoga as Lived

In Days of Great Peace - The Highest Yoga as Lived

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Author: Mouni Sadhu
Foreword/Introduction: Arthur Osborne/ M. Hafiz Syed
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 223
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This popular book, recounting the author’s visit to the Ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi in 1949, was first published in 1953. It has been out of print for many years and is now republished in a limited edition by Sri Ramanasramam.

In Days of great Peace inspired many westerners to seek spiritual guidance from Sri Ramana Maharshi in the Years following His Mahasamadhi.

Through a narrative that is both simple and profound, the author takes us on his journey to the hermitage of the renowned Sage of Arunachala in South India. Basking in the radiance of the great Rishi, his mind turns inward, following the path of Self-inquiry of ‘Who Am I?’. He describes, with perceptive insight and emotion, how in the gracious presence of the Master, thoughts are stilled and one rests calmly in the thought-free, egoless state, which he calls ‘samadhi’. Before his final farewell of the holy Sage, he establishes the link of love that binds him to the Guru in an embrace that leads inevitably to final emancipation.

Mouni Sadhu has left us a small treasure in this book. Readers will remember and cherish it through-out their lives.


Foreword to the first Edition
Foreword to the Second Edition
Introduction to the Second edition
Introduction to the First Edition

I. ‘Association with the Sages’
II. The First Meeting
III. Life in Maharshi’s Ashram
IV. Tears
V. ‘The Glory of the Lord is Manifested in His Saints’
VI. The Man Sri Maharshi
VII. A Wish Fulfilled
VIII. Love
IX. My Path to Maharshi
X. ‘As by mixture with water’
XI. Within the Ashram
XII. Teachings of Maharshi
XIII. The Direct Path
XIV. The Technique of Vichara
XV. ‘Martha, Martha, thou art careful’
XVI. The Last Photographs of the Master
XVII. One Operation More
XVIII. Visiting Caves
XIX. Arunachala by Day
XX. ‘The I Current’
XXI. The Tomb of the Muslim Saint
XXII. In Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram
XXIII. The Darshan Resumed
XXIV. Initiations
XXV. A Musical Performance in the Temple Hall
XXVI. Apart from the Mind
XXVII. Stray Leaves
XXVIII. The Eyes of Maharshi
XXIX. ‘Asperges me hyssopo’
XXX. Arunachala by Night
XXXII. Some Remembrances
XXXIII. Power in Us
XXXIV. Correspondence
XXXV. I and You
XXXVI. Requiem
XXXVII. The Last Days
XXXVIII. My New Conception of Life
XXXIX. ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God’
XL. What is Meditation?
XLI. Techniques of Meditation
XLII. Departure
XLIII. Farewell
XLIV. Colombo
XLV. On the Ocean
XLVI. The Light is Shining
XLVII. Samadhi
XLVIII. The Last Message
XLIX. Epilogue
L. Appendix – Matter for Meditation