Rabindrasangeet  - Suchitradi Omnibus  (Bengali  Music 2-CD Set)

Rabindrasangeet - Suchitradi Omnibus (Bengali Music 2-CD Set)

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Author: Suchitra Mitra
Publisher: Sagarika
Year: 2006
Language: Bengali
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): PRC 008/009


After completing her training when Suchitra Mitra returned to Kolkata
a legend was in formation in early 50's. During that period she
recorded these songs, especially, for one of her admirers.

These song are meant not only for listening but also for learning and
understanding Tagore

This album carries following tracks:

Ke Go Antototoro Se
Praner Pran Jaghichhe
Dake Bar Bar Dake
Tobu Mone Rekho
Aji Nahi Nahi Nidra
Krishnakali Ami Tareyi Boli
Likhon Tomar Dhulayay
Ogo Aamr Chiro-Ochena
Ami Kan Pete Roi
Aji Jharer Rate
Alpo Loyiya Thaki
Aha Tomar Songe
Poth Akhono Ses Halo Na
Peyechhi Chhuti, Bidayay

CD- 2
More Bare Bare Phirale
Jobone Amar Jato Anando
Pothe Chole Jete Jete
Nil Digante Oyi Phuler Agun
Tumi Dak Diyechho
Aji Shraboner Purnimate
Nai Nai Nai Je Baki
Joleni Alo Andhokare
Sunnyo Hate Phiri He
Jagate Anandojagye
Chorono Dharite Diyogo Amare
Tumi Je Amare Chao
Amar Jirna Pata
Aaj Jemon Kore Gayichhe Akash