Ustad Ali Akbar Khan - The Jodhpur Years

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan - The Jodhpur Years

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Author: Ramlal Mathur
Malati Mathur/
Publisher: Indialog Publications
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 144
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8184430191


The renowned sarod maestro, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan began his career at the court of Maharaja Ummed Singh of Jodhpur, where Ramlal Mathur was associated with him as one of his earliest disciples, learning both vocal music and sitar from the Ustad in the guru-sishya parampara.

His position in the Ustad's house was also that of an intimate friend and as such he was privy to certain personal and endearing moments in the Ustad's life during that time. Ramlalji was fortunate enough to meet the erstwhile greats of Hindustani classical music including the formidable Baba Allauddin Khan, the Ustad's father and guru and he offers fascinating glimpses of these characters straight out of a Music Who's Who.

This book is an account of the faded period of royal patronage of the arts, accompanied by rare photographs and musical notations.




Golden Jubilee Celebrations of
the Ummed Bhawan Place, Jodhpur

Ali Akbar Khan: Sarod Maestro Extraordinaire

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan's Musical Lineage

A Glimpse of Jodhpur

Advent of the Ustad in Jodhpur

My First Sight of the Ustad

Accepted as a Disciple: My First Lesson

Formation of An Orchestra

The Next Lesson

First Meeting with Baba

Some Intimate Moments

Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Vilayat Khan

My First Sitar Lesson

Celebrations at the Fort

A Meeting with Baba in Gwalior

Nikhil Banerji


The Jodhpur Music Conference

The Radio Station

Journey to Calcutta

Onwards to Bombay

Life in Bombay

Scattered Moments

Hanwant Singh