Dilip Kumar  -  The Last Emperor

Dilip Kumar - The Last Emperor

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Author: Sanjit Narwekar
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 204
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129108860


This is the story of a man with humble beginnings who reached out and came away with a fistful of magical stardust. From being dismissed for being, a non-actor in his debut film Jwar Bhata to creating a small oeuvre that is admired by critics and repeatedly studied by actors to this day.

Dilip Kumar has become a legend in his own lifetime. His tumultuous early Years saw him crave for love with a yearning bordering on passion but it was is fate conspired to deny it to him, till the time he found it in Saira Banu, the woman he married. He translated his angst into screen melodrama with such success that it brought him innumerable fans and the sobriquet of ‘Tragedy King’. Although accused of being repetitive in his roles, he ensured that each of the characters was well delineated right down to the last nuance.

Discover Dilip Kumar, a man who won as many hearts as he broke, whose charm and appeal are everlasting and who continues to be a source of inspiration for actor till today.



1. Life in the Frontier city
2. The formative Years
3. Discovering Films
4. Learning the Ropes
5. A Star in the making
6. The First Milestone
7. Crafting the Image
8. Parting with Mehboob
9. The Second Milestone
10. Reworking the Image
11. A Famous court Case
12. The Third Milestone
13. The Final Milestone
14. The Image Trap
15. The Eligible Bachelor Succumbs
16. The Ageing Hero
17. The Public Life of a Private Man
18. The Private Life f a public Man
19. Putting Character in his Roles
20. Pilgrimage to Peshawar
21. The in winter

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