Deedar         (Hindi DVD with English Subtitles)

Deedar (Hindi DVD with English Subtitles)

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Author: Dilip Kumar
Nargis/Ashok Kumar
Director/Composer/Na: Nitin Bose/Naushad
Publisher: Ultra
Year: 2006
Language: multilingual
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): DVD U-437


Shamu a young boy lives with his widowed mother and works for a living in the orchard of Daulatram Rai. Shamu is very friendly with Mala Rai, Daulatram’s only child and they often go horse-riding together.

On a day, while riding, Mala and Shamu get thrown down, and Mala is injured. Her enraged & snobbish dad fires Shamu and forbids Mala to ever see him ever again. Jobless, Shamu and his mom leave to re-locate elsewhere for a source of living. On the way, Shamu’s mom passes away, leaving a grieving Shamu in the care of young Champa and her uncle. Depressed Shamu runs away, straight into a sandstorm, and loses his vision. Blind and dependent, Shamu is looked after by Champa and her uncle.

Years later, the uncle has passed away, but Shamu still lives with Champa and makes a living by singing. Champa adores him, but Shamu is unable to get Mala out of his mind. Dr. Kishore hears him sing, is pleased, and offers to restore his vision free of cost. Before the operation, Shamu gets to meet Kishore s betrothed, who is also pleased to hear his voice. When Shamu regains his sight, his only thought is to find Mala and re-kindle their love. Will fate bring his sweetheart to him, or will Shamu continue his quest for the love of Mala for the rest of his life?

Production Year: 1951

Star Cast:
Dilip Kumar, Nargis, Ashok Kumar, Nimmi, Baby Tabassum, Yakub.

Director: Nitin Bose

Music Director: Naushad

Producer: Filmkar

Genre: Love story

Color: Black and White