Days In An Indian Monastery

Days In An Indian Monastery

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Author: Sister Devamata
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 326
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178230895


The vision of India Devamata portrays is the country’s past. The personalities to whom she pays homage played a vital part in influencing the religious life of that land. In spite of the momentous changes that have swept over India during this century, spiritually it is the same.

The secular state does not affect the inner life of the people, to whom religion is still the pivot of their existence. To see today’s India through Devmata's eyes is to witness what the Upanishad call the Eternal among the changing.

This new edition of Days in an Indian Monastery will enable the seekers of today to share the experience and inspiration of Devamata’s unique Indian sojourn. The Monastery around which cluster the large part of the memories recorded in these pages is at Mylapore, a beautiful suburb of Madras, in South India.






Monastic Life in India
A Great Indian Monk
Arrival At Madras
Life at the Monastery
Temple Festivals
Spiritual Practice and Religious Observances
Forest schools of ancient India
Indian education of To-day
Building a new monastery at Bangalore
The Head of the Order
Public Meetings, the Indian theatre and Indian Music
Social Ceremonies and Entertainments
The Indian woman and the Indian Home
A Woman saint of India
The Presence in the Temple on the Ganges
Disciples of a Great Master
At Calcutta
The Poor of India
The True Significance of Caste
Eastern and Western Religious Ideals