Cutting Free

Cutting Free

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Author: Salma Ahmed
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 262
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174365044


Beginning with a privileged childhood in an elite family of pre-Partition India, to a troubled youth in Pakistan, this is the inspiring story of Salma Ahmed—a woman who surmounted formidable odds to achieve extraordinary success in business and politics. The saga of her personal life, often difficult and sad, is intertwined with an equally enthralling account of a public career that brought her much acclaim and reward.

This book—interspersed with striking anecdotes and dramatic incidents—unabashedly reveals what can only be described as the ‘murky' side of contemporary Pakistani society. Her painful personal life, recounted in graphic detail, must bring into question many of the customs that are an integral, if unpleasant, part of sub-continental culture.

Salma Ahmed's gripping narration of her political career including ‘inside' information on the 1985 national assembly to which she was elected, is fast-paced and, at places, amusing. Her close association with late Prime Minister Mohammad Khan Junejo gave her a unique opportunity to witness at first hand the intrigue, cronyism and jockeying for power that is endemic to Pakistani politics.

This is the absorbing tale of a woman who was a pampered child, and unhappy wife and a repentant mother—but one who emerged triumphant as a woman of substance, in business and politics.




From India to Pakistan
Early years
Italia Bella
Trapped into Marriage
Decadent Living
To Moscow via London
Apaji-M Mother-in-Law
Auld Lang Syne
Stirrings of Motherhood
Test Cricket Down under
The Entrepreneur
In Algiers
An Unhappy Wife
Dabbling in Politics
Yahya Takes Over
Debarred from Cricket
Turbulent years
Political Shenanigans
Elections 1977
The Lady Ship-breaker
Silent Tears
Meeting Indira Gandhi
In the Spotlight
In Parliament
Twice Bitten
Strange Bedfellows
O0n the International Stage
Dismissal of the Assembly
Firs President of IFWE
A Mother Mourns
New Players, Unchanged Politics
Afghanistan: The New challenge
Unfinished Agenda