Spices and Condiments

Spices and Condiments

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Author: J S Pruthi
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 322
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788123722436


This book covers the nomenclature, description, distribution, composition and uses of about 86 spices.

The various uses of spices in foods and beverages as flavourants, in medicine, and in perfumery and cosmetics are described. It also covers the latest PFA quality's standards for spices, as well as lists of other national and international standards for spices, their products, and their methods of test.


Preface to the First Edition
Preface to the Fifth Edition

1. Introduction
2. Ajowan or Bishop's Weed
3. Allspice or Pimenta
4. Amchur
5. Anardana
6. Angelica
7. Aniseed
8. Asafoetida or Asafoetid
9. Balm or lemon Balm
10. Basil or Sweet Leaves
11. Caper
12. Capsicums or Chillies
Bird Chillies and Tabasco Chillies
14. Caraway
15. Large Cardamom
Madagascar Cardamon
Cameroon Cardamom
korarima Cardamom
Grains of Paradise
16. Greater Cardamom
Bengal cardamom
Round Cardamom
Cambodian Cardamom
Greater Indian Cardamom or Nepal Cardamom
17. Lesser Cardamom
18. Cassia
Jangli Dalchini
Cassia or Cassia China
Batavia Cassia
Saigon Cassia
19. Celery Seed
20. Celeriac
21. Chervil
22. Chives or Cives
23. Cinnamon
24. Clove
25. Coriander
26. Cumin Seed
27. Cumin Black
28. Curry Leaf
29. Dill and Indian Dill
30. Fennel
31. Fenugreek
32. Galangal
33. Garlic
34. Ginger
35. Horse-Radish
36. Hyssop
37. Juniper
38. Kokam or Kokum
39. Stone Leek or Welsh Onion
40. Lovage
41. Mace
42. Marjoram
43. Mint or Japanese Mint
44. Mustard
White Mustard
Black Mustard
Indian Mustard
45. Nutmeg
46. Onion
47. Oregano or Origanum
48. Parsley
49. Pepper, black, White, Green
50. Pepper, Long
51. Peppermint
52. Poppy seed
53. Rosemary
54. Saffron
55. Sage
56. Savory
57. Shallot
58. Spearmint
59. Star-anise
60. Sweet Flag or Calamus
61. Tamarind
62. Tarragon
63. Thyme/Wild Thyme
64. Turmeric
65. Vanilla

Glossary of Technical, Medical and Botanical
Select Bibliography

Additional Useful Information Annexures

I. Harvesting Seasons for Important Indian spices
II. National Agmark Standards for Spices (Whole and ground)
III. PFA Definitions & Quality Standards for Spices (Whole and Ground)
IV. A list of National (BIS) Quality Standards for Spices, Spice Products
and their Methods of Test
V. A List of International (ISO) Quality Standard for Spices, Spice
Products and their Methods of Test
VI. Spice Research Centres in India under the against of AICRPS/(IISR)