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Judge's Potpourri

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Author: Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer
Publisher: Universal Law Publishing
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 205
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175345748


The book has no homogeneity nor common theme but is an odd miscellany of many articles, some casual, some serious, but all, when taken together, express the random views written each time with a radical purpose or critical censure.

Says Justice Iyer:

"Viewed as a whole, it reflects the effort I have put in at an advanced age, the ideas contained being my own, at times trivial, at other times profound. Vintage ancedotes creep in although anecdotage is a symptom of dotage. After all, I have crossed four score and ten. Looking in retrospect, this olio reminds me of Winston Churchill."



Is there Life after Death?
Life after Life
Humanity Sans Divinity is
Democracy Sans Dignity
Why this Negation of Education
For Have-not Humanity?
The Role of the Police in a
Welfare state
A student March, Judicial Writ
and Police Violence
Slavery in disguise
Best (?) By the best only?
Nehru to Narassimha - Dollar
Victory over Poorna Swaraj
Do we submit to quasi-colonial
Surrender? Never!
Freedom at midnight and the
Semi-centenary thereafter
What a Fall My Countrymen!
Capitalist Marxism, Colonial
Camouflage and Developmental
Choice of Governors - Parameters
And Processes
The Ayodhya Imbroglio: Can the
Supreme Court cut the Gordian Knot?
Evolution from Matter to Mind and
Water, the Greatest Gift of Life and
The Harshest Millennial Crises
The Indian Banking Sector and
Peoples’ Financial Security
Ten Commandments of Higher
Our Myriad-Minded Shakespeare
There was no Hidden Agenda, I
May Assure You Sri Nariman
Rajeev Gandhi
The Balachander Phenomenon
Prohibition - A Congress Creed
Glimpses from memory of Kerala’s
Histo-Geo symbiosis
People of Plachimada vs. Corporate
Power of Coca Cola
Vincent Panikulangara vs. V.R. Krishna
Indira Nehru Gandhi vs. Raj Narai
Speech by Mr. Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer
Address Presented to Hon’ble Shri
Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer on his
Retirement from the Supreme Court
of India
A letter from Justice V.R. Kirishna Iyer
On Demitting Office
Statement issued by justice V.R. Krishna Iyer
Letter to Chief Justice