Religious Classics - Part  Two    (Illustrated  Epics)

Religious Classics - Part Two (Illustrated Epics)

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Author: A Collection
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 240
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-310-0136-9 et al


This attractive 5-Book gift pack of illustrated books printed in full colors is a deligtful offering for youngones to know their religion and culture through the sacred messages of Vedas, Upanishadas and Puranas.

The pack includes following titles.
1. Maa Durga
2. Saraswati
3. Ganga
4. Lakshmi
5. Gayatri

1. Maa Durga:
Maa Durga –The Holy Saga of Maa’s Powers and Miracles.

How many divine dimensions have she? How did she destroy the evil forces of Mahishasura, Shumbha-Nishumbha, Raktabeeja etc? How does she fulfil the wishes of her devotees? Read all about it.

Being the deity of the cosmic fort (Durg) she is called goddess Durga. Mother Durga is the embodiment of the divine energy and the creative power. According to the ancient scriptures Mother Durga has nine forms or dimensions as under.

SHAILPUTRI (The daughter of Stone)
KUSHMANDA (Cosmic Egg Layer)
SKANDMATA (The Mother of Skanda)
KATYAYANI DEVI (The Daughter of Katyayana)
KALRATRI (Deadly Night)
MAHAGAURI (The White Force)

New Durga
King Surath and Trader Samadhi
Medha Tells Durga Story
The Birth of Madhu-Kaitabh
Mahamaya Invoked
Vishnu Takes on Madhu-Kaitabh
Madhu-Kaitabh Slain
Mahishasur is Born
Durga, The Force Supreme Born
Mahishasur-Durga Battle
Mahishasur Dies
Durga Versus Shumbh-Nishumbh
Raid on Alkapuri
Amba And Chund-Mund
Chamunda Devi
Surath and Samadhi Blessed

2. Saraswati:
The Divine Form of Maa Saraswati
Spiritual Power Invoked
Brahma-saraswati talk
Dawn of New Creation
The Progress of Creation
Importance of Mind in Saraswati Worship
Maa Saraswati is Impartial
Gods Debate on Kailasha
Gods in Race
Blessed is Ganesha
Smart Act by Ganesha
Ganesha is Worship Starter
Vishnu Mollifies Shocked gods
Sage Yagyavalkya’s Prayer
Ego the enemy of knowledge
Sage Apologizes
No knowledge without guru
Obedient Aruni Panchal
Sage Bhardwaja’s Hunger For Knowledge
Endless Knowledge
Do not Insult Scholars
King Janaka Apologizes
The Justice of Janaka
Ratnakara Dacoit and Sages
We Won’t Share
Back to the Sages
The Dacoit’s Chant
Narada Sermonizes Valmiki
Epic Ramayana Starts Off
Prayer of Gods
Kaikayee Made Mindless
Idiot Kali and Scholars
Vane Princess Vidyotama
Great is one who is Blessed
The Explanation
The Curiosity of Scholars
Kalidasa’s Penance
Kalidasa Returns
One of Nine Gems
Apology to Ma Saraswati
Dhanna Story
Simple Dhanna And Brahmin Trick
The Evil Brahmin
Saraswati and Dhanna
Dhanna Tormented
Brahmin Accepts Mistake

3. Ganga:
Ganga in Heaven
The beauty of Ganga
Curse of Brahma
Ganga meets Vasus
The Penance of King Pratipa
Shantanu Born
Ganga in King’s Dream
Shantanu Crowned
Sons for Sagara
Sixty Thousand Sons
Sagara sons insult Kapila
Sagara sons Destroyed
Sagara informed
Anshuman pacifies Kapila
Bhagirath’s vow
Bhagirath Crowned
Bhagirath Sees Ganga
Bhagirath prays to Shiva
Ganga Descends
Ganga Roped in Shiva Hair
Parvati answers
Ganesha suggests
Gautama kills a cow
The extreme sin
Gautama prays to Shiva
Gautama redeemed
Bhagirath and Gautama
Ganga and Bhagirath
Salvation of Ancestors
King Shantanu and Ganga
The agony of Shantanu
The first Vasu liberated
Shantanu’s anxiety
The Eighth Son
At Ganga Bank
Ganga Explains
Shantanu’s queries
Nandini rustled
Vashishta puts curse
Vasus repent
Ganga vanishes
Shantanu and his son
Ganga surfaces
Request turned down
Nishadraj episode
The Vow of Devvrata

4. Lakshm:
The Birth of Laxmi
Laxmi in God’s Domain
In the Palace of lord Indra t
The doubt of Narada
Indra’s Query
Laxmi Among god’s
Vishnu and Laxmi
Vishnu and Laxmi wed
Vishnu and Laxmi in Vishnu Domain
Laxmi in Tulsi Form
Tulsi’s Penace
Gets Boon
Tulsi Marries
God’s Panic
Shankhachoora-Shiva Battle
Tulsi Dishonoured
Curse of Tulsi
Tulsi in Laxmi Form
Parvati’s Question
Parvati Praises Laxmi
Laxmi pays back
Mahalaxmi’s Violent Dimension
Mahishasura Slain
Test for Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
Humility of Vishnu
The Greatness of Vishnu-Laxmi
Powers of Tri-God
The Goddesses Manipulate
Gods at Ansuya’s
The Odd Demand
The Miracle of Ansuya
The Couple Fondle the Babies
Worried Three Goddesses
In Treta Age
Vaibhava Laxmi Fast
The Ways of Fate
The Mystery Old woman
Sheela Fasts
The water Effect
Return of the Old Lady
Mahalaxmi Reveals
Luck Changes
The Essential Rules for Fast
Shri Yantra
The Secret of Laxmi

5. Gayatri:
Gayatri-24 Word Seeds
The Secret of Gayatri
Shiva Reveals Gayatri Secrets
The Secret of Five Faces
The Ten Arms of Gayatri
Gayatri-The Wish Granter
Gayatri meditation-Pleasure Infinite
Bhrigu’s Penance-Gayatri’s Grain Cell Face
Life Cell Face of Gayatri
Mind and Knowledge Cells
Gayatri’s Fifth Face-Pleasure Cell
Inspiration of Graytri-Vishwamitra
The Curse of Savitri
Gayatri is Nectar
Who Got the Nectar?
Gayatri-The Fire Mouth
Gayatri And Satyavrata
Pay the Asking Price
Laxmi Deserts
Charity Departs
Yajna Leaves
Glory and Fame Go
The King and Truth
Deserters Come Back
Dharmaraja and the King
Gayatri Devotee Savitri
Gayatri Devotee Ansuya Shandili and Mandavya
Ansuya Prayed
The Dead Kaushik and Ansuya
Gayatri and violent Beasts
Gayatri Water and Onkar Joshi
Gayatri For Illiterate
Four Tins of Ghee
Gayatri Yajna and Dried Trees
Dying child and Gayatri
Gayatri Blesses Son
Gayatri and the treasure Pot
Daughter Married Cheaply
Encounter With Ghost
Gayatri and Bad company
Evil Woman and Daughter-in-Law
Gayatri the Medicine