The Rainbow and Other Stories

The Rainbow and Other Stories

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Author: Maneka Gandhi
Publisher: Penguin/Puffin
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 68
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0670886467


Funny and sad, prophetic and wise, this enchanting collection of stories will capture the imagination of young and old alike.

In 'The Rainbow' we meet the six brave princes who brought the sun and the rain together to form the first spectacular bridge across the sky. Also in this collection are a benevolent king who has lost his head to a scheming witch; a lonely kiss whose search for a home ends in the unlikeliest of places, and a magnificent machine that converts bird song into precious jewels with disastrous results.

Prince Boulababa was the fattest prince in the world. All he did was eat and sleep - till the beautiful princess Shakira decided to take him in hand and make her Prince Charming. And then there was Nimbus, the wild little boy whose best friends were the clouds in the sky. When the wicked king of the land threw Nimbus into a dungeon deep under the castle, they rushed to his rescue with the help of their cigar-smoking, sky-protector Boss, the mighty Cumilonimbus.