Asia Unplugged - The Wireless and Mobile Media Boom in the Asia Pacific

Asia Unplugged - The Wireless and Mobile Media Boom in the Asia Pacific

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Author: Madanmohan Rao
Lunita Mendoza/
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 464
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0716932720


Wireless is the hottest technology and media sector in the world today--and Asia is at the centre of the action. This volume captures the flavour and implications of these fast-paced developments by providing a comprehensive, detailed and insightful look at the wireless scenario in the Asia-Pacific. It charts the growth of the wireless ecosystem across the region, highlights the valuable lessons learned by the pioneers, and contextualises these themes with developments in other parts of the world including the US and Europe.

With contributions from numerous experts in the region, the book includes 16 thematic chapters, 10 book reviews, and profiles of 10 countries--Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal and Bangladesh.

This book discusses important themes such as Wi-Fi/WLL, mobile content, portals, m-commerce, permission marketing, LBS, enterprise wireless strategies, legal issues, regulation, venture capital, political culture and rural development. It also includes in-depth case studies, critical commentary, charts and snapshots with an online companion as well.

This volume marks an important and valuable step in the communications discourse of the Asia-Pacific region. It provides an in-depth look at how the wireless internet and mobile phones are changing lives in the region and who are the influential industry players, entrepreneurs, media, investors and policymakers in the Asia-Pacific mobile landscape. It also provides a useful framework for assessing wireless media impacts, and will be invaluable to organisations and analysts around the world.

A compact and comprehensive introduction to the epicentre of the world's wireless revolution, this volume will be required reading for scholars, professionals and entrepreneurs involved in the foundations and frontiers of the wireless ecosystem in Asia and around the world.







1. The wireless Tsunami: an Asia-Pacific panorama
Madanmohan Rao.
2. Mobilising the internet: Asian-style
Lara Srivastava.
3. Location-based services: the killer app of the mobile world?
Chas Sweeting.
4. Wi-Fi: will the Asian tiger roar?
Subha Rama.
5. Wireless in the local loop: towards connecting India
Ashok Jhunjhunwala.
6. Wireless and mobile impacts on news and entertainment: the 'third' media ecosystem
Madanmohan Rao.
7. M-commerce: drivers, challenges and opportunities
Sunanda Sangwan.
8. Organisational impact: wireless in industry, government and education
Madanmohan Rao.
9. Knowledge management and wireless ecosystems: exploring mutual synergies
Madanmohan Rao.
10. The flexible wireless classroom: impact on teaching
June Gassin and Som Naidu.
11. Wireless in Asia: investor/equity dynamics
Loudon Owen and Paul Gardner.
12. SingTel Group: multiple services, multiple markets--case study
Michael Sainsbury.
13. Legal issues in the internet and mobile arenas: Asia-Pacific roundup
Tan Min-Liang.
14. Convergence of the old and new wireless worlds: challenges for policymakers
Laina Raveendran Greene.
15. Radio communications, mobile telephony and regulation in India--case study
T.H. Chowdary.
16. The cellphone and the crowd: messianic politics in the contemporary Philippines
Vicente Rafael.


17. Japan: at the cutting edge of the wireless information society
Shinichi Saito.
18. South Korea: broadband pioneer--the wireless way of life
John Lee.
19. Singapore: powered by InfoComm
Lunita Mendoza.
20. Australia: early adopter of wireless
Michael Sainsbury.
21. India: the mobile party begins, but Wi-Fi languishes
Madanmohan Rao.
22. China: mobile superpower
Lunita Mendoza.
23. Thailand: GSM competition and penetration
Srikanya Mongkonsiri.
24. Malaysia: emerging regional test-hub for advanced wireless services
Lunita Mendoza.
25. Nepal: wireless destination
Gaurab Raj Upadhaya.
26. Bangladesh: mobile telephony=social good + good business
Sayeedur Rahman.


27. i-mode strategy
Takeshi Natsuno.
28. The mobile internet
Jeffrey Lee Funk.
29. DoCoMo: Japan's Wireless Tsunami
John Beck and Mitchell Wade.
30. The freedom economy
Peter Keen and Ron Mackintosh.
31. Wireless rules
Frederick Newell and Katherine Newell Lemon.
32. Constant touch: a global history of the mobile phone
John Agar.
33. Mobile usability
Christian Lindholm, Turkka Keinonen and Harri Kiljander.
34. Smart mobs: the next social revolution
Howard Rheingold.
35. Roam: making sense of the wireless internet
Bruno Giussani.
36. The wireless internet opportunity for developing nations
The wireless internet institute