Commentaries on Living - Third Series

Commentaries on Living - Third Series

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Author: J Krishnamurti
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 413
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0144001535


What you are is much more important than what you should be. You can understand what is, but you cannot understand what should be.

The essential message of J Krishnamurti, revered philosopher and spiritual teacher, challenges the limits of ordinary thought. In talks to audiences worldwide he pointed out to listeners the tangled net of ideas, organizational beliefs and psychological mind-sets in which humanity is caught, and that truth—the understanding of what is—not effort, is the key factor of human liberation.

Commentaries on Living, a three-volume series, records Krishnamurti’s meetings with individual seekers of truth from all walks of life. In these dialogues, he reveals the thought-centred roots of human sorrow and comments on the struggles and issues common to those who strive to break the boundaries of personality and self-limitation. In over fifty essays in each volume, Krishnamurti explores topics as diverse as:

Life and Death

The series invites readers to take a voyage on an unchartered sea with Krishnamurti in his exploration of the conditioning of the mind and its freedom.


Does Thinking Begin with Conclusions?
Self-knowledge or Self-Hypnosis?
The Escape From What is
Can One Know what is Good For the people?
WI Want to find the source of Joy
Pleasure, Habit and Austerity
Won’t You Join our Animal-Welfare Society?
Conditioning and the Urge to be Free
The Void Within
The Problem of Search
Psychological Revolution
There is no Thinker, only conditioned thinking
Why Should It Happen to US?
Life, death and Survival
Deterioration of the Mind
The Flame of Discontent
Outward Modification and Inward Disintegration
To Change Society, You Must Break away From It
Where the Self is, Love is not
The Fragmentation of Man is Making Him Sick
The Vanity of Knowledge
What is Life all About?
Without Goodness and Love, one is not Educated
Hate and Violence
The Cultivation of Sensitivity
Why Have I No Insight?
Reform, Revolution and the Search for God
The Noisy Child and the silent Mind
Where There is Attention, Reality is
Self-Interest Decays the Mind
The Importance of Change
To be Intelligent is to be simple
Confusion and Convictions
Attention Without Motive
The Voyage on an Uncharted Sea
Aloneness Beyond Loneliness
Why did you dissolve your order of the star?
What is Love?
Seeking and the State of Search
Why do the Scriptures condemn Desire?
Can Politics Ever Be Spiritualized?
Awareness and the Cessation of Dreams
What Does it mean to be serious?
Is there anything Permanent?
Why this urge to Possess?
Desire and the Pain of Contradiction
What Am I To Do?
Fragmentary Activities and total Action
Freedom From the Known
Time, Habit and Ideals
Can God be Sought through Organized Religion?
Asceticism and total Being
The Challenge of the Present
Sorrow From Self-Pity
Insensitivity and Resistance to Noise
The Quality of simplicity