The Magic of Maya

The Magic of Maya

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Author: Nandita Da Cunha
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 260
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129109808


Seven leaps across seven skies…

One peaceful morning, ten-year-old Tara is spirited away from her village by a magical singing scarf, to the musical wonderland of Maya. No sooner does she land, than she is thrown headlong into a crisis that is threatening the inhabitants of both Maya and her village, Govan, on Earth-the autocratic Destroyer is looking to seize power over Maya and the minds of the Mayans. Tara soon becomes an active part of a quest to travel across Maya to collect ingredients for a spell that will save the musical pipes of Maya and those she loves back home in Govan.

Through Rizenglow-the cheerful State inhabited by the singing Flattes and Sharpes; Ritmo-home to the dancing Ritmos and Off beats; and Cian-the watery State populated by Sea-Sirens and Ciantists, Tara wanders, her only companions being the cheeky singing scarf, Pallat, a lazy Flatte named Dholakia, and the dancing prince of Ritmo, Tal. But can they outwit the scheming Destroyer?

And just how close will Tara come to uncovering the secret her parents have kept from her ever since they landed in Govan…