Indian Love Stories

Indian Love Stories

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Author: Sudhir Kakar
Translator(s)/Editor: Sudhir Kakar
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 224
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174362797


Disgust can be as much part of erotic love as violence although the evocation of disgust has rarely reached the extremes portrayed in the fiction of Marquis de Sade. In de Sade’s stories, erotic unions are routinely preceded, accompanied or followed by the smearing and eating of faeces, drinking of or bathing in urine, the licking of spit and vomit, a reveling in bodily odours – all in the service of heightening the excitement of erotic union. Violence, too, physical or mental, is part of many contemporary depictions of love.

Representing the who's who of regional literature, this collection of 15 short stories is a selection from among works of celebrated writers from different regions of the country.

Indian Love Stories is an attempt to understand love in all myriad dimensions. Especially that kind of love which cannot be defined, which does not have any overt manifestations, and most of all, which means vastly different things for different people. Thus none of the stories in this collection can be called a typical love story. Instead, it offers a more complex form of eras - that which is free of all social restrictions and internalized inhibitions.

A translation is always welcome for unveiling to us works of quality that might otherwise have passed unnoticed for want of knowing the language of the author. But the act of reading a translation invariably is accompanied by a sense of having missed the flavor of the original.

It is only the best among them that manage to allay these fears. Indian Love Stories is one such book. So much so that even the existence of the original slips from one's memory. Still a doubt assails you. If the translation were so good, imagine the heights the original would take you to.

CONTRIBUTORS: Indira Goswami / Subodh Ghosh / Manjula Padmanabhan / Gauri Deshpande / UR Anantha Murthy / Varsha Da / Ratanlal Shant / Damodar Mauzo / Kamla Das / Gopinath Mohanty / S Tamil Selvan / Ismat Chughtai / Nirmal Verma / P Padmaraju / Amrita Pritam + Notes on Contributors + Introduction by the Editor





The Empty Chest by Indira Goswami
The House Combustible by Subosh Ghosh
Stains by Manjula Padmanabhan
Back to Square One by Gauri Deshpande
The Question by UR Anantha Murthy
Kanupriya by Varsha Das
A New Triangle by Ratanlal Shant
Chastity Belt by Damodar Mauzo
The Game of Chess by Kamala Das
The Bed of Arrows by Gopinath Mohanty
Setting Out in the Sun by S Tamil Selvan
Housewife by Ismat Chughtai
Weekend by Nirmal Verma
On the Boat by P Padmaraju
The Weed by Amrita Pritam