Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy

Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy

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Author: Nitish Sengupta
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 257
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812300964X


Dr B C Roy has been one of the foremost national leaders of the 20th century. A legendary physician of the country, a distinguished political leader, philanthropist, educationist and social worker, he was one of the longest serving Chief Ministers of West Bengal and is rightly hailed as the Maker of Modern West Bengal. He also established himself as one of the foremost national leaders.

This biography invokes interest among our countrymen in the many splendoured personality that Dr B C ROY, was, his wide range of interests and the large number of institutions that he created in so many spheres, his great vision and his political and administrative acumen, his humane nature and concern for common people and, above all, the way he tried so solve very crucial problems in the nation’s life, specially during the 15 years that he served as Chief Minister of West Bengal and as one of the foremost national leaders.



Early Life and Education in Bihar
As a Medical Student
Return to India - Early Days as Medical Practitioner
Entry Into Legislative Politics
As Mayor of Calcutta
The Industrialist Bidhan
Bidhan Chandra Roy as a Journalist
A Hesitant Leader of the Congress Before Independence
As Vice-Chancellor, Calcutta University
The Uncertain Years (1937-46) - War, Famine and Communal Troubles
Independence and After - Dr Roy Becomes Prime Minister of West Bengal Province
The Years of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Stabilization 1948-1952
Steady Ascent to the High Noon - Economic Prosperity and Political Stability 1952-1959
The Intrepid Institution - Builder
The Zenith Years (1959-1962) - Prosperous Bengal in a Prosperous India
Bidhan, The Man