Modern Tibetan Language  -  Volume II

Modern Tibetan Language - Volume II

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Author: Losang Thonden
Publisher: Library of Tibetan Works & Archives
Year: 2007
Language: multilingual
Pages: 209
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818510249X


Some years ago when Modern Tibetan Language was published by LTWA, it was received with great interest and enthusiasm by the students of the Tibetan language every-where. Many felt that it helped in the basic task of introducing the intricacies of the Tibetan language to a non-Tibetan student in a systematic and intelligent manner.

To fulfill the further needs of he students, the author Losang Thonden has tirelessly worked on the second volume of the text covering all the essential lessons of the language. For those students that have found volume one of Modern Tibetan Language useful, the second volume will be a boon.

To further help the students, the author has diligently recorded cassettes on both the volumes in his own voice and accent. These will be soon made available by the LTWA.





Use of Verbalizer
Expression of Manner
Usage of some useful words
Comparison of Adjective & related forms
Notions of Time
Tibetan Era and Christian Era
Usage of Some Useful Verbs
Gurundive Particles
Usage of Adverbializers
Usage of Some Adverbs Denoting Position
Usage of the Expression I Wonder
The Different Sound of the Two Syllable words ending in
Usage of some useful clauses
Some Antonyms
Words with two identical syllables
Expression of the body designing abstracts
Some Pupolar Rhyming Terms.
Titles and Common Addresses
Tibetan Names in alphabetical order
Answers to the Exercises