Science of Occultism

Science of Occultism

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Author: I K Taimni
Publisher: Theosophical Publishing
Year: 1987
Language: English
Pages: 287
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Since man has developed the capacity to wonder and think about the problems of human life and the universe, thoughtful individuals have been wondering and enquiring about the nature of the three basic realities of existence-Man, God and the universe. As far as the outer world is concerned this kind of enquiry has been confined within two well-marked channels.

One channel represents the flow of thought derived from the revelations made in various religions which have appeared in the world from time to time. This is called theology. The other channel represents the flow of thought derived from speculation. This is called speculative philosophy.

The main current of thought with regard to the deeper problems of life had been flowing along these two channels until Science came upon the scene and adopted a new approach to these problems. This approach is based upon experimentation and investigation of all phenomena of Nature by means of objective and well-defined methods, and it has given rise to a new current of thought, partly experimental and partly speculative. This is called Science




Relatively-Total and Partial-I
Relativity-Total and Partial-II
Relativity-Total and Partial-III
Relativity-Total And Partial-IV
The Dualities in Nature
The Duality of Time and Space-I
The Duality of Time and Space-II
The Duality of Matter and Energy-I
The Duality of Matter and Energy-II
Force, Mind And Motion
Motion and Manifestation
Points in Motion as the Ultimate Basis of the Objective Universe
The Underlying Mechanism of Manifestation
The Integrated State-I
The Integrated State-II
The Integrated State-III
The Role of Light and Sound in Manifestation-I
The Role of Light and Sound in Manifestation-II
The Role of Light and Sound in Manifestation-III
The Role of Light and Sound in Manifestation-IV
Negative Worlds
The Principle of Uncertainty and the Divine Will