The Human Aura

The Human Aura

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Author: Kuthumi
Editor(s): Djwal Kul
Publisher: B Jain Pub.
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 428
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81702110325


What science is only beginning to discover, Healers, Mystics and Sages have known for centuries.

The human aura. Science has verified its existence. Kirlian photography has captured the color, intensity and motion of its mysterious luminescence. Medical researchers at Yale University have determined that disease can be detected before it manifests in the physical body through the study of this life force that surrounds every man, woman and child.

But science has yet to provide answers to many of the unsolved mysteries of the aura. Where this energy field originates. How it affects health and appearance. The real significance of its color. How it influences behavior, success and relationships.


In Book One of the The Human Aura, Kuthumi provides a framework for discovering a new dimension of your self. He gives a threefold exercise to activate the energy, intelligence and creativity that are native to your being.

In Book Two, Djwal Kul reveals the science of the seven major energy centres, or charkas, and their relationship to the expansion of the aura. Through his advanced program of meditations and mantras, you can develop the ability to control the circumstances that influence your life.

Includes meditations, visualizations, affirmations, 25 illustrations of auras and charkas, and an extensive glossary.


KUTHUMI and DJWAL KUL are Eastern adepts who have devoted their live to awakening humanity to their spiritual potential. The little we know of these adepts can be pieced together from the work of their students. In the nineteenth century, both Kuthumi and Djwal Kul reached higher levels of spiritual advancement and became ascended masters, enlightened spiritual beings who have become one with God. In the 1950s, they began working with Mark L Prophet and later Elizabeth Clare Prophet to publish their instruction through the Summit Lighthouse.



The Perfecting of the Aura
The Susceptibility of the Aura
The Colorations of the Aura
The Reading of the Aura
The Intensification of the Aura
The Strengthening of the Aura
The Expansion of the Aura
The Shield of the Aura
The Protection of the Aura
The Purification of the Aura
The Star of the Aura
The Crystal flowing Stream of the Aura


The Pulsation of Life Becoming Life
The Name of God Is the Key
The Interlaced Triangles
The Challenge of the Mind
The Hidden Chamber of the Heart
The Spectrum of God’s Consciousness
The Law of Congruency
The Sacred Fire Breath
The four Elements in the Planes of the charkas
The Seven in the Seven and the Test of the Ten
The Flame of Freedom in the Aquarian Cycle
The Energies of the Soul Raised to the Third Eye
The Raising-Up of the Energies of the Mother
The Ritual of the Alchemical Union

Heart, Head, and Hand Decrees
Violet Fire, Tube of Light, And Forgiveness

Exercise for the Strengthening of the Aura
I am Light
Decree to Archangel Michael
Traveling Protection
Thou Mercy Flame
Meditation on Self
The Lord Comes Down to the Meek and Lowly
I am Lord’s Prayer
The Covenant of the Magi
Introit to the Holy Christ Self
Balance the Threefold Flame in ME!
Djwal Kul, Come!
Meditation for Entering the Hidden Chamber of the Heart
I Challenge the Antichrist!
Prayer for the Oneness of All Life
Transfiguring Affirmations of Jesus the Christ
Hail Mary
Djwal Kul’s Breathing Exercise
Call to the fire Breath
Invocation to the Great Sun Disc
Mantra: O Disc of Light
Count-to-Nine Decree
Affirmations for the Raising of the Energies of the Soul
The Magnificat of Mary
Exercise for the Marriage of the Soul to the Spirit of God