The Great Lifco Dictionary  : English - English - Tamil

The Great Lifco Dictionary : English - English - Tamil

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Author: A Collection
Publisher: Little Flower
Year: 2010
Language: multilingual
Pages: 1344
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187130008


In keeping with the Lifco tradition, which is to spread education at all levels and in all languages, we are bringing out this Dictionary, as English is a compulsory language in schools and students should know the correct spellings and meanings of words.

The meanings of words are first given in simple everyday English and their simple Tamil equivalents are also furnished. Hence, students will be in a position to know easily the meanings of English Words. This Dictionary has the additional advantage of containing phrases from foreign languages which are in common use.

We have added many interesting, useful and valuable appendices which will be of immense benefit to the students in widening their general knowledge and information. The Dictionary habit is indispensable to students, for it promotes the reading habit and also helps the students to build up a large vocabulary which would be useful to them when they come to write essays, letters, articles and stories in English. We hope and trust that our students will make the best use of our Dictionary.




Distinctions in Word Usage
Use of the Same Word in Different Parts of Speech
Verbs with Appropriate Prepositions and Their Special Use
Appropriate Prepositions & Adverbs
Idioms & Phrases-Set I & Set II
Parallel Proverbs
Phrases of Comparison
Latin and Greek Words & Phrases in Common Use Phrases from French and Other Modern Languages
Verbs and Their Corresponding Nouns
Irregular Forms
Words Misused Due to Phonetic (Sound) Similarity
Select synonyms and antonyms
List of Technical and Scientific Terms
Words & Names of Historical Significance
Inventions and Discoveries
A Key to Shakespearean Usage
Classified Vocabulary
Share Market Terms Frequently Used
Use of the Article AN
Figures of Speech
English Grammatical Terms with Tamil Equivalents
Common Abbreviations
Time by the clock of different Places at 12’o clock Noon (IST)
Key to Verb Patterns