Message of the Purans

Message of the Purans

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Author: B B Paliwal
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 253
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8128811746


Puran, the Hindu religious scripture, is an invaluable treasure of the world literature. Delivery of topics, illustration of facts, the poise and naturalism of the explanatory style, the beauty and art of language etc. are such qualities pumped into the Purans which remind the adage of ocean in a bowl.

Purans are such mirrors of our life and evolution which show us the image of each era. We can know about the emergence and characteristics of the gods and goddesses that we pray and worship. We can know about Manu, the first man of the universe, whose descendants we all are. Purans offer wide information on different manvantars (time periods), which is not only educative but is also interesting and exciting. The stories and episodes, linked with each other, draw the real picture of each era which can be seen and read by us like a motion picture.

Thereforean attempt has been made to present just in one book the subject matter, teachings, religious beliefs, fasts and festivals, pilgrimage and its glory, incarnations etc. of the vast Purans so that readers could find all the contents of all the eighteen Purans in a nutshell.


Puran: Introduction and Importance
Purans and Vedas: Distinctions
The Number of Purans
Distinctions of Purans

Brahm Puran
Padm Puran
Vishnu Puran
Shiv Puran
Shrimad Bhagwat Puran
Narad Puran
Markandeya Puran
Agni Puran
Bhavishya Puran
Brahmvaivart Puran
Ling Puran
Varah Puran
Skand Puran
Vaman Puran
Koorm Puran
Matsya Puran
Garud Puran
Brahmand Puran

Description of India (Bharatvarsh) in Purans
The Geographical Description of the Earth
Other Specialities of the Purans