The Hanuman Heart

The Hanuman Heart

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Author: Scharada Bail
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 121
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-291-0682-5


This book of stories has been written as a celebration of the most lovable and inspiring qualities of Hanuman, the beloved monkey-god of the Hindu pantheon. Hanuman's life is an inspiration because most of us go through moments of mischief and laughter, sadness and doubt, triumph and trouble, like he did. However, he possessed a greet medicine to deal with one of life's situations - his love for Sri Rama. And we can draw courage and strength from his actions.

The present book is an attempt to bring the Hanuman Charit or Hanuman character closer to young readers in English. Fifteen stories illustrate the life of Sri Anjaneya, from his birth to his old age as a meditative yogi. Throughout, the work attempts to present a lively, inspiring and uplifting picture of Hanuman to children.



The Golden Baby who played with the Sun
A curse and an education
How Hanuman met Rama
The leap to Lanka
At Sita's feet
The Ashok vatika adventure
The power of Hanuman's Tail
Hanuman's great good fortune
Sanjivani heals
Ahiravan fails in his mission
A glimpse of the Hanuman heart
A yawn too far
The name holds good forever
An unblemished horoscope
Hanuman is as Hanuman does.