Science of Sphygmica  or Sage Kanad on Pulse

Science of Sphygmica or Sage Kanad on Pulse

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Author: K R L Gupta
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 117
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170301319


In the days of yore the Sphygmica, a science through which nature speaks to the physician by means of its organ, the pulse, was held in the highest esteem and glory by almost all the great and distinguished rishis – Ayurveda was not only considered as most useful and important by the scholars of the time gone by, but also it was the only sure channel through which the exact state of the entire human system was thoroughly known and realized by the aid of the three chief constituent; humours or elements of the body such as Vayu, Pitta and Kapha.

The utility of the science of pulse is also obvious, in the treatment of the infants as yet unable to speak, of maniacs, who are incapable of communicating their sensations and feelings to the physicians. The Sphygmica is indebted to the Ayurvedic medical works of Charaka and Sushruta for the results of their valuale researches and observations. The present work is a translation of the treatise on the science of the pulse by age Kanada. The translation includes original text with their notes.



1. The description of the pulses with their various aspects
2. The process of pulse examination
3. Prohibitory time for examining the pulse
4. The natural movement or beating of the pulse
5. The symptoms of a sound health
6. The natural movement of the three humours: bayu, pitta and kaph
7. The full explanation of the irregular or eccentric condition of our pulses
8. The state or movements of the dandaja pulse
9. The general or incurable symptoms
10. The symptoms of incurable diseases
11. The previous symptoms of fever
12. The phenomena of symptoms before the remittent and typhoid fever
13. The science or the exposition of fever
14. About the fevers arising from the eccentricity of bayu
15. About the prohibitory rules for fever-patients
16. Acute dysentery
17. The different type of dysentery
18. About the pule of a person either in appetite or after meal
19. About the eatables
20. About juice or liquids substance
21. About indigestion and loss of semen or vitality
22. About the sound state or strengthening of digestion
23. Of cholera and obstruction of the stool and urine
24. About the urinary diseases
25. About gonorrhcea
26. The nature of the pulsation in eating poison
27. Particulars about the gulma-diseases
28. An exposition of sinus, abscess, carbucnle, piles, and fistula
29. The examination of the menstrual discharge
30. The symptoms of pure and sound means
31. About the examination of semen
32. The symptoms of sound and healthy semen
33. Examination of urine
34. Different other proofs regarding the urine
35. The examination of nose
36. The examination of mouth
37. About the examination of eyes
38. Examination of tongue
39. A slight hint about destructive diseases
40. About the attendance of messenger or physician
41. Some hints to health