Eternal Glimpses

Eternal Glimpses

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Author: Ravi Kumar
Publisher: Parity
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 101
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188888052


Astrology had no place in his scheme of things, being a science student. As he reluctantly extended his palm for scrutiny and blurted out his date and time of birth, his skepticism grew. How could strange lines etched in his palm or the time of his arrival in the world influence his life and future?

His close pupil Gopal, a young aspirant, utterly devoted to astrology, sensed the tension in his guru. Gopal, who had at one time been Sanjay’s classmate in school and close friend, had opted for study of astrology after school since he believed it was an exact science of its own kind. His closeness to Sanjay was on account of a strange co-incidence: they shared a birthday. Both were 21 yeas old today.

Gopal’s thoughts were interrupted as he heard Guruji terminating the meeting, saying that he was not well. As soon as Gopal saw Sanjay and his grandmother leave, he looked at his guru with dismay. He knew that it was not ill-health that was the reason for the abrupt end of the meeting.

A pack of 52 cards is presented in this collection of stories, small in size but stupendous in impact. The exquisite exploration covers varying hues like love, betrayal, intrigue, gripping from the world Go. Welcome aboard this journey through life and beyond.


The Answer
The Hostage
The Special Guest
The Race
The Tea Session
The eng
The Puzzle
The Experience
The Revisit
Gine that Wasn’t
Fatal Mistake
The Gift
If only
The Survivor
The Grin
New Year’s Eve
Just another day
The Lie
The Saviour
Honourable Exit
Never Gain
Silent Communion
The Impossible
The Will
The Backstabbers
Before Dawn
Karmic connection
Cheer Up
The Last Beginning
The Witness
The Double Deal
White Mail
Guruji’s Destination
Agony and Ecstasy
The Spy
No Witnes
And In Sickness
The Summit
Mistaken Identity
Fifth Force
The Gamble
The Psychic
Two Words
The Challenge
All that Glitters