The Aryan Path of the Buddha

The Aryan Path of the Buddha

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Author: K Manohar Gupta
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 532
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175741562


In Buddhism, special emphasis is laid on the practice of the teachings of the Buddha and that practice chiefly consists of traversing the middle path. That middle path is known as Aryan eightfold path, while the entire teachings of the master are labelled with the name of Aryadharma.
The book makes a serious attempt to go into the reasons why the master called his dharma as aryadharma. Tracing the meaning of the word arya and dharma from both the points of view, historical as well as philosophical, and also comparing the path described by the master with the ancient way of Indian life, a new purpose emerges that encour-ages any serious student to embark upon the path of practice shown by the master.

However, even after the passing of several centuries of time after the master’s departure from this earth, the voice of the master echoes in the words, attadÏpo viharatha, be lamp unto yourselves.
After going through the book, the reader will certainly come face to face with the truths that are refreshing and create a new enthusiasm for following the teachings of the master which are encased in the ancient language of Pali.




Chapter I Introduction
Chapter II The Significance of Ariya
Chapter III The Ariyan Eightfold Path
Chapter IV Wheel of Dhamma
Chapter V Proving through Similes (Upama) and Possibility (Thanam)
Chapter VI The Middle Path, Devoid of Extremes