Oriental Numismatic Studies -  Volume One

Oriental Numismatic Studies - Volume One

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Author: Devendra Handa
Editor(s): Devendra Handa
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 232
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185067996


The book serves to discuss the various aspects of numismatic heritage of Indian subcontinent.

Illustrations have been appended for better understanding of the intriacies of ancient coinage.




1. Inscribed Silver Punch-Marked Coin-Parmeshwari Lal Gupta
2. A Note on an Interesting Greek Coin in the Sardar Museum,Jodhpur-Ratna Chandra Agrawala
3. Vonones, Maues and the Early Indo-Scythic Succession-R.C.Senior
4. Numismatic Evidence of a New Guild from Khokhrakot (Rohtak)-Manmohan Kumar
5. The Kuras-Parmeshwari Lal Gupta
6. Three-Headed Siva-Chitresvara Type Copper Coins-Devendra Handa
7. Some Mahasenapati Coins of the Deccan-A.H.Siddiqui
8. roman Coins and Bullae from Adam-Amarendra Nath
9. Some Coins of Cakataka Dynasty-A.H.Siddiqui
10. Horseman Type Coins of the Imperial Guptas-Ashvini Agrawal
11. Gupta Gold Coins in the Collection of the Sardar Museum,Jodhpur-Ratna Chandra Agrawal
12. A Newly Discovered Gold Coin from Newal-K.S.Shukla
13. Two Dies of Gadhaiya Coins-M.K.Gupta
14. Nur Afshan Coins of Burhanpur Mint-M.K.Gupta
15. Sone New Type Copper Coins of Adil Shahi Rulers-A.H.Siddiqui
16. 1/5 Rupees or Silver Fanams of the Malabar Coast-Hans Herrli
17. In Search of a Die-S.K.Bose
18. Initial Sikh Coinage-Surinder Singh
19. Copper Coins of Sher Singh-Devendra Handa
20. Non-Destructive Assay of Ancient Coins of Kangra Ruler, Sri Rupachanda Deva I, by Neutron Activation Analysis-N.S.Rajurkar,A.K.Jha and R.P.Bhadane
Book Reviews
1. S.R.Goyal, Indigenous Coins of Early India, by Devendra Handa
2. S.R.Goyal, The Dynastic Coins of Ancient India, by Ashvini Agrawal
3. L.C.Gupta & S.J.Mangalam, Silver Coins of Sri Gupta, by Ashvini Agrawal
4. Dr. Amjad Ali, Catalogue of Asaf Jahi Coins and Paper Currency,by Devendra Handa